The Internet of Things has massive potential to evolve how small businesses operate. Smart business technology can be applied to small businesses in virtually any industry, even those that do not consider themselves on the cutting edge of technology.

Home-based connected technology can be a game-changer in an office environment, and as technology continues to improve, smart office solutions are a wave of the future that small business owners simply can’t ignore much longer.

In this article, we’re not discussing iOT solutions specifically geared towards business, but how connected home technology can be used to make a small business smarter, more efficient and cost-effective, along with the important measures a small business needs to take to secure their smart office solutions. Think Arlo, Nest and Alexa and how they can be used in a small business setting.

Smart Office Solutions for Security

Security is a necessary expense for small business owners, but staying aware of everything going on both inside and out of the building at all times is next to impossible.

Today, there’s no reason to “go back to the tapes” as instead, smart security camera footage can be accessed 24/7 in the palm of your hands through mobile applications. The ease of installation and availability of video makes a smart security system like the NetGear Arlo a no-brainer for small businesses who want inexpensive and reliable security. Replace buzzer systems for incoming deliveries with a Ring Smart Doorbell to know exactly who is entering and exiting your building for even more security.

Save Money with Smart Office Solutions for Utilities

Smart thermostats were the breakthrough device that began to really enter iOT into the mainstream. Smart thermostats virtually pay for themselves in energy savings, which over time can really make a difference in a company’s bottom line. According to data from Nest, it’s thermostat is worth $1,200 over 10 years for an average U.S. household in an average climate. For businesses that have larger spaces to heat and cool and potentially need more than one Nest, those savings can add up sooner rather than later. Additionally, for those who occasionally forget to hit the lights, smart switches that can be controlled from outside the office can help you save on energy costs down the road.

Do Smart Assistants Make Your Office Smarter?

Gimmicky? We’ll have to agree. However, devices like Echo and Google Home are more than just Omniscient Bluetooth speakers can control all aspects of connected smart office solutions – like turning off the lights or locking the doors. If you can’t afford to hire a real personal assistant, Alexa promises to come to work every day and do exactly what you ask of her for just $99 if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

Securing Smart Business Technology: The All-Important Last Step

Smart office solutions are great, but are they exactly secure? If you utilize any smart business technology over a Wi-Fi connection, first off, ensure that connection is secure. Always update your apps with the latest firmware updates when prompted and enable 2-factor authentication whenever available to maintain the security of your new smart office solutions.

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