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Small businesses are a huge target for cyber-attacks. Obtaining reliable IT Security is essential to shield your business against attackers.

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Hackers Are Constantly Evolving and You Should Be Too


There are over 2,200 cyberattacks each day which breaks down to nearly 1 attack every 39 seconds with over 95% of all digital breaches occurring due to human error.

In addition, since COVID-19 changed the way we work, the FBI has reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes 

And these attacks are not isolated to the enterprise space since 43% of cyber attacks target small to medium-sized businesses resulting in an average cost per incident of $7.68 million.

So what is a business owner to do when faced with a never-ending onslaught from cybercriminals and bad actors?

Introducing Managed Network + Cybersecurity by ThrottleNet

Managed Network + Cybersecurity is ThrottleNet’s answer to the never-ending challenges business owners face waging war against outside attacks, intrusion, and data breaches.

ThrottleNet has identified those areas that are most vulnerable resulting in the assembly of a world-class, enterprise-grade solution designed specifically to address the challenges business owners face.

What areas does ThrottleNet consider most vulnerable? Since no single area of a business can be pointed to as the primary risk and since most attacks occur via a combination of failures, you must apply a layered approach to successfully mitigate your business risk.

A few of the areas that pose the most cybersecurity risk to businesses include, but are not limited to:

These are just a few of the enhanced cybersecurity features included standard with our Managed Network + Cybersecurity solution.

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