Protecting Your St. Louis Organization From Modern Threats with Managed Cybersecurity Services

St. Louis businesses are a huge target for cyber-attacks. Partnering with a proactive managed cybersecurity service provider like ThrottleNet helps mitigate cyber risks.

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Hackers Are Constantly Evolving, Your Cybersecurity Solutions Should Too


Global cybercrime damages are projected to exceed a staggering $10.5 trillion by 2025, according to Cybersecurity Ventures

In today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, the evolution of hackers poses an ever-increasing threat to businesses of all sizes. These cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, employing advanced techniques and technologies to breach even the most robust cybersecurity defenses.

To ensure the protection of your valuable assets and data, it is imperative that your business’s cybersecurity practices evolve alongside these emerging threats. 

You need to work with an award-winning St. Louis cybersecurity consultants to make sure your organization is protected. ThrottleNet is here to do the job!


ThrottleNet has built its reputation as one of the top IT support and cybersecurity companies in St. Louis. Our team of proactive cybersecurity professionals will ensure your Missouri business is secure by:


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Increased Efficiencies


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Leverage security solutions and services based on extensive research performed by our team of IT specialists and certified ethical hackers to minimize risk while reducing your cybersecurity investment.
Tools that will identify, alert and quarantine any ransomware attacks before impact.
Decrease cybersecurity liability costs via utilization comprehensive and proven security solutions. Eliminate potential threats or any ransom demands by identifying and mitigating attacks before they happen with top St. Louis cybersecurity consultants implementing the best defenses.
Avoidance of productivity loss by allowing internal staff to focus on the future and the business outcomes as opposed to day to day cybersecurity challenges. Expertise support to ensure that proper service dispatch and escalation processes are followed to maximize efficiencies.
Positive brand reputation is key to being successful in business and a strong reputation can be destroyed overnight by a data breach. The harm done to your brand reputation can be long-lasting. Choosing the right cybersecurity partner can help to prevent these attacks.

Introducing Managed Network + Cybersecurity  Services 

Managed Network + Cybersecurity is ThrottleNet’s answer to the never-ending challenges business owners face waging war against outside attacks, intrusion, and data breaches.

ThrottleNet has identified those areas that are most vulnerable resulting in the assembly of a world-class, enterprise-grade solution designed specifically to address the challenges business owners face.

What areas does ThrottleNet consider most vulnerable? Since no single area of a business can be pointed to as the primary risk and since most attacks occur via a combination of failures, you must apply a layered approach to successfully mitigate your business risk.

ThrottleNet has come to be recognized as one of the top IT Support and Cybersecurity services in St. Louis by delivering unparalleled IT support and service to our Missouri clients. Our team of devoted IT professionals and cybersecurity experts will assist in protecting against unscheduled downtime, hardware failures, and outages through the following methods:

Proactive Monitoring


Backup Management


Remote Desktop Support

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Tactical Team

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A few of the areas that pose the most cybersecurity risk to businesses in St. Louis include, but are not limited to:

These are just a few of the enhanced cybersecurity features included standard with our Managed Network + Cybersecurity Services.


ThrottleNet is a great partner that operates with integrity at all times. I would strongly recommend them for managed services and security needs in the St. Louis area. 

-Ryan F