5 stars

Above And Beyond

Bob, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how awesome it has been to have Scott dedicated to our company. Scott is awesome! He has stepped in and helped us out tremendously. He has gotten in all the details and has been available when needed. Scott is helping me understand the issues and providing solutions. Scott has been patient with me and walked me through each step. He has been very organized and created user guides for each program we have implemented. Scott deserves recognition for his work and stepping in and helping! Please make sure this makes it up the ranks as TN.

-Amanda, Chief Financial Officer

Expertise, Hassle Free

“ThrottleNet makes IT completely hassle free. Their proactive approach to network efficiency and security is integral to our achievement in the B2B marketplace. Delivering leading-edge online storefronts for enterprise-level businesses is at the heart of our print and marketing solutions. Therefore, a stable network and reliable connectivity is vital to the success of our business. Their cloud mail and backup solution has mitigated any risk of data loss and ensured we’ll always have access to our clients’ digital assets and files.

Ultimately, ThrottleNet’s quick response and expertise has been crucial in supporting our infrastructure.”

-Jim, CEO and President

Support & Value
Added Service

“I wanted to personally reiterate just how pleased we were with the response of the ThrottleNet team and especially Bob Tukin, to our recent Crypto attack.

Your team laid the foundation several years back with the implementation of the Datto and the continued support and value added services have reinforced the partnership.

We truly appreciate the efforts.”

-Joe, CFO

Noticed Immediate Improvements

“I wanted to reiterate how happy we are with ThrottleNet. Several employees have seen immediate and dramatic improvements in their computers’ boot times. Instead of waiting 20 to 30 minutes to boot, our computers now boot up in about one minute. They also set up a Web backup for us, which is something we’ve discussed for a long time, but never implemented. We look forward to a long relationship with ThrottleNet.”

-Jane, President

Excellent managed network For manageable cost

“ThrottleNet brought a team approach to our I.T. support by combining a fully staffed Support Center with Field Engineers to address our technical issues at a manageable cost. After seven years of working with ThrottleNet, we can say that we have found a vendor that we can trust. We would gladly recommend ThrottleNet’s Managed Network solution to other companies in St. Louis.”

-Keith, CFO

Awesome service!

Chase was quick to diagnose my issue on the desk I was using in the office and got me up and running. Appreciate the service and cordial conversation via the app. We lost each other and he even followed back up with me and confirmed I was good. Awesome service! Thank you again Chase! 


Super Pleased!

Joshua was a big help.  Figured out my issue right away and even had enough time to help me with a separate issue of my calendar at the same time.  Super pleased! 


Prompt and Friendly

“We LOVE ThrottleNet! We called with a computer problem and your team immediately resolved the issues, were prompt and very friendly. We have never had this type of experience with any other computer company we have worked with in the past. We are relieved that another vet recommended ThrottleNet to our Hospital. You guys are the best!”

-Dr. Kay, Veterinarian

Efficient and Fast

“Thanks to the knowledgeable support team at ThrottleNet, our network is running faster and more efficient than ever before. I can trust them to resolve technical issues that might otherwise get in the way of running my business.”

-Dr, Richard

Identified Our Needs and Resolved Our Issues

“Within the past year, we have gone to a paperless environment. The challenges have been in upgrading our hardware and related software. ThrottleNet has been instrumental in assisting us in identifying our needs and resolving technical issues. Managed Network has worked well for us, and the team assigned to our firm has been very responsive to our needs. Obviously, during the months leading up to April 15, we are in a very time critical mode. ThrottleNet recognizes this aspect of our business and plans for our future needs to avoid downtime, as well as responding to any crisis that may arise.”

-Toni, Office Manager

Provided the Tech Tools to Help Us Serve Out Clients

“Over the past 10 years, we have experienced significant growth. We have transformed from a small practice in one location with fewer than 10 employees to now having 25 employees in three locations in different states. Immediate access to data, regardless of the location, is essential as is the integrity of that data. ThrottleNet has been an important partner in our incorporation of the latest tools we need to optimally serve our clients. Additionally, Managed Network has given our organization better control over the costs of maintaining our network. Technically, the remote functions have identified, and usually dealt with, potential problems before they interfered with our work.”

-Dr. Robert, Vice President

Excellent Staff & HIPPA Security

“ThrottleNet has been supporting our organization since 2001. When we began our relationship with ThrottleNet, we were confronted with decisions on implementing new technology, as well as what technology to consider for our practice. Couple this with HIPAA regulations and it goes without saying this was a challenging endeavor; however, since partnering with ThrottleNet we have been able to ensure our network is prepared for the future and aligns with our goals and objectives.”

-Kim, Operations Manager

Reducing Costs While Growing Customer Base

“ThrottleNet upgraded and modernized our system for the Frequent Diner program, which includes 90,000+ customers. Our rewards program is now cost effective, non-intrusive to the customer, and extremely easy to use. We are no longer mailing gift certificates, instead awards are added to the customer’s rewards card. This has streamlined the process, saved time, money, postage, and yielded a more accurate tracking. Because of the upgraded infrastructure, we were able to integrate a new system for analyzing sales, food cost management, and inventory control. This has drastically improved overall operations and reduced costs.”

-John, CFO

Help Desk and understanding of Regulations

“I’ve used the Help Desk several times and have always had a great experience! ThrottleNet’s representatives are efficient, knowledgeable and very courteous. One call involved gaining access to a report distributed by one our vendors. Our security needs are complicated due to HIPAA compliance and that can make information sharing a challenge. ThrottleNet understands these regulations and ensures we can access all our communications while remaining secure and safeguarding privacy. I know I can trust in their expertise when I call and would definitely recommend their services to others.”

-Beth, Director of Sales

Consistent, Steady and Knowledgeable

“We enjoy the willingness ThrottleNet offers to take on problems with a positive, can-do attitude. We also appreciate ThrottleNet’s policy of bringing IT weaknesses to its clients’ attention and proposing solutions. They are consistent, steady and knowledgeable in all aspects of the IT field. ThrottleNet is quick to respond when we have computer problems, and they help in determining the best course of action to address IT needs as we continue to grow.”

-Art, CEO

Truly a great company that cares

Had an issue with our firewall and Joshua stayed right with it.  Even when it was time to go home.  Got it all fixed and then had the night shift tech keep an eye on it.  called twice the next day to just verify there were no more issues.  This is truly a great company that cares about their customers. 


Throttlenet always gets it done 

It is a snow day in St. Louis and all St. Louis is working from home and asking Throttlenet to set up their at home computers. I cannot imagine how busy they are, but Throttlenet always gets it done and are always nice about anything they are asked to do. 


Office workers next to each other working

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