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all that technology can offer
minus the big price tag.

To keep your not-for-profit organization running, every penny counts. Valuable donation dollars should go toward supporting a community, not your IT. At ThrottleNet, we know which of your investments are most important, and we safeguard them with cost-effective IT solutions.

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Amazing IT at an affordable rate

As a managed IT services provider, we will handle all the tech needs of your organization, from data security to mobility. And we do it all for a flat monthly fee, no matter the task. That’s priceless when you’re dealing with tight budgets.

With ThrottleNet, you get a full-service IT team that will support your mission. We tailor our services to the needs of your staff, so everyone wins, and you can go on changing the world.


How we keep your organization up & running

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Need hipaa compliance?

Our technicians know what hipaa requires; for you, that’s peace of mind

Not all not-for-profits need to comply with HIPAA regulations, but if your organization deals with medical information, we’ve got you covered.

Our technicians know what HIPAA requires, and they stay on top of any updates so that your network is always secure. For you, that’s peace of mind.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: First, we’ll perform a full analysis of the security of your current network to identify any weaknesses. Then we’ll deploy the solutions needed to bring your system into full HIPAA compliance.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: If cybercriminals try to hack your system, or something breaks, we’ll be watching. Our monitoring service will spot and solve minor problems before they become major disasters.
  • Business Associate Agreement: We know HIPAA obligations backward and forward, and we’ll certify that with a formal Business Associate Agreement. We keep the standards of security that you need.

Why Choose Throttlenet
For not-for-profit it services?

We put your business first

Your mission is important, and IT concerns shouldn’t hold it back. 

As an award-winning Managed Service Provider, we have the tools and experience to keep your systems running smoothly, so you can focus on more important things. Our highly trained technicians will implement the security solutions you need to protect your data and donor information. 

Technology is a powerful tool for your not-for-profit organization, and we can help you maximize its use on a budget. In fact, we will pay you for the opportunity! It’s a win-win trial period.

Contact us today to find out how ThrottleNet can support your mission.

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