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ThrottleNet’s outsourced network management team makes sure your servers, routers, computers, backups, networks, software, and printers are operating at peak performance.

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Outsourced IT Management


Managed IT Services are defined in a variety of ways depending on whom you speak with. Some define it as having a company to call on when something goes wrong – this is not Managed IT Services. Others define it as hiring an internal IT person for troubleshooting and new workstation installations – nor is this. And finally, some others would define it as having an antivirus solution installed on their computers – needless to say, this isn’t Outsourced IT Management either.

So, What Are Managed IT Services?

Obviously, everyone has a different definition, but ThrottleNet’s definition of Managed IT Services is as follows:

Continual services and support from an outsourced IT partner that provides its clients with the solutions, people and managed support that allow you to focus on your business while we focus on your IT. We believe this to be the best approach since we feel business owners should be spending their time working on their business as opposed to working in their business – and IT is no exception.

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WHAT COMPRISES Effective Managed IT SErvices?

This too is subjective depending on whom you ask, but based on ThrottleNet’s 20+ years of experience working with a variety of organizations of various sizes to provide St. Louis Managed IT Services and high-quality Managed IT Support throughout Missouri, we’ve assembled a solution this is not only efficient, but also cost effective. This solution is known as Outsourced Managed Network and is comprised of, but not limited to, the following:

Finally, the most important component of a solid outsourced IT management solution is an IT partner that not only understands your business goals and objections but can provide solutions to help you meet them.

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