Managed Network Services in St. louis

Managed Network Services with ThrottleNet delivers 24/7 monitoring for your data and voice solutions with 24/7/365 support so you can focus on your core business in St. Louis. 

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Why ARE ThrottleNet’s Managed Network SERVICES Better?

Let us show you what
makes us unique

As a business owner in St. Louis, you shouldn’t have to worry about IT solutions. That’s why ThrottleNet takes a unique approach to manage your networks so that you don’t have to.

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What is A Managed Network?

Why Does my st. louis business Need A
Managed Network?

Make innovation a reality

Before we answer that, let us ask you a question; why did you start your business? Did you start it to monitor your servers, provide help desk support to your employees, manage your vendors and review any new security solutions available in the market?

That’s why you need a Managed Network – because you didn’t start a business to be an IT person. You started a business to chase your dreams. Focus on that and let ThrottleNet manage the rest.

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Managed network SERVICES Advantage

Ensuring your network (and your business) is operational

We deploy robust monitoring and threat mitigation
tools specifically designed to identify and remediate ransomware and virus attacks

The value of good backups cannot be overstated which is why ThrottleNet will check your backups nightly to ensure no matter what happens, you’ll be prepared

A team of IT experts committed to resolving user issues and driven
by client specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with your technology vendors while trying to run your business which is why we take the onus off you and place it squarely where it belongs – with us.

To ensure the success of your network and, in turn, your business, we assign an entire team of IT professionals led by your dedicated vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) that are well versed in the needs of your organization and what’s required from your network to address them.

The weakest link in any network are the users which is why we
provide Security Awareness Training with all our clients.

ThrottleNet has implemented hundreds of networks throughout the Metro area as well as across the country. We have a defined, streamlined method of implementing our solution to ensure minimal interruption to you and your business. Read more about Onboarding here

Our Three Phase Approach

We make managing networks as easy as 1 2 3

We’re with you every step of the way

Assign a Dedicated VCIO & Network Engineer

Every ThrottleNet employee in St. Louis is committed to your success, but two are dedicated to your business full-time. Your vCIO (virtual Chief Intelligence Officer) and Field Engineer will know your network inside-out. They are your primary contacts and will provide ongoing strategic direction and tactical support.

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Implement An
IT Security Strategy

Armed with comprehensive documentation of your network, our IT team will immediately address any critical issues discovered in our assessment, install security software, and prepare every device on your network for remote support.

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Providing Onboarding For Your Entire Company

Once you’re comfortable with ThrottleNet, we’ll make sure your entire staff is, too. We’ll introduce ourselves to your entire staff, show them the various ways to contact us for support, and train everybody on best practices for ‘digital hygiene’ to avoid common security risks.

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Throttlenet is the best of the best. They’re incredibly experienced with customer service and high-end networking. We feel a lot better knowing that our clientele has Throttlenet to support their growing needs. 

-Nicholas S

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