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Are you looking for IT support services near you? Our 2 minute response time leads the industry due to our unique three tiered support system located in the St. Louis area. ThrottleNet is available around the clock to offer 24/7 IT support and 93% of our support tickets are solved within the same day. 

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Award Winning IT SUPPORT 

ThrottleNet is passionate about turning frustration into joy by solving IT problems and making our customers’ day better. Problems are solved faster because we’ve implemented a unique multi-tiered help desk. Our team of IT superheroes get your problem solved quickly and efficiently. 

We’ve assembled an amazing team whose first priorities are our customer’s needs and excellent service. Our company continually advances our strategies with cybersecurity experts that audit our support teams and constantly train our users.

  • Our response time is constantly updated and evaluated. We are currently averaging a 1 minute 57 second response time with almost 25,000 completed surveys. (Customer Thermometer)
  • Our customer happiness score is over 98% (Customer Thermometer)
  • We are the most trusted company in St. Louis with almost 700 Google Reviews.
  • We manage or co-manage everything for you. Our teams consolidate IT policies, practices, and solutions to secure networks and promote support from a single, fixed location.

Our success is attributed to our dedicated world-class IT services, ongoing advancements, open book management, and our focus on our customers. Our open-book system creates a team first atmosphere throughout our organization. We provide exceptional training to our team members to drive their ownership and engagement in our company. Our talented team members have a huge impact on our everyday tasks and decisions that lead to the overall success of ThrottleNet.

Our company’s success stems from our trusting customers, partners, and amazing team who have helped us grow and do what we do best; support and development. That is why we are the most awarded IT support company in St. Louis through the Small Business Monthly. 

Our customers can count on us to provide them with the best IT support and security. Our goal is to support your people by taking complete ownership of IT issues and keep your network running safe and secure.

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Does My Company Need OUtsourced IT Support?

A small business needs a small army of people to make business grow, with an organizational chart usually featuring management, HR, standard employees and many others. Many companies are trained in IT and don’t know who to hire. For small businesses, there is a risk of using an in-house IT department. 

If something goes wrong with your technology, would you rather have the responsibility fall squarely on your shoulders or on someone else? If the network goes down, your in-house IT support team must juggle fixing it with countless other tasks planned for the day or all the other tasks go out the window for the day. Time is money for your business. If your business falls victim to a cyber-attack, you’re left picking up the pieces yourself.

If your company can only afford one IT staffer to make up your in-house IT support team he develops knowledge of every process and every bit of confidential information your company owns. What happens if he leaves? Under those circumstances, you’re left scrambling to find a replacement and there’s no guarantee the information stays with your company. 

Managed Network plans from ThrottleNet can save your business more than 50% on IT staffing over in-house IT support, and provides a personalized approach to your company’s unique needs. All Managed Network clients receive access to local 24/7/365 help desk & support services, a Virtual CIOuptime monitoringanti-virus & spyware softwarevendor management support & much more at a low monthly cost without contracts.

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ThrottleNet’s IT Support Solutions

Our customers ask, how will you support me? We can support your business to keep it running efficiently through our three tiered help desk. Some of the additional services we offer include:

  • 24/7 Service Desk Support – Available by phone, email, and remote support
  • We handle multiple locations nationwide with an average response time of 1 minute 57 seconds
  • Complete cloud support for remote access from any location
  • Seamless onboarding to get your system optimized quickly
  • Cybersecurity to prevent attacks and reduce downtime caused by system breakdowns
  • Data Migration and system integration for production efficiency

Utilizing IT solutions that you can trust will make the onboarding process easy. We will provide world class IT support services near you. Contact ThrottleNet today to get started!

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