The term “IT services” can mean different things depending on who you ask. IT companies offer all kinds of different solutions that fall under the broad umbrella of managed services. That’s why it’s helpful to understand exactly which services a potential IT partner can offer. Even before that, it’s important to identify the most relevant IT services for your specific business.

If you sign up for a one-size-fits-all package, you’re almost definitely paying for things you don’t need. Even worse, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on things you do need. A true technology partner will help you build a technology plan for your specific organization. Still, it’s good to know a few things about outsourced IT management before you have that conversation. Consider these five must-have IT services to establish the pillars of your technology strategy. This is one of the most important managed IT services for most businesses. The network is what supports communication and collaboration– your employees count on it every day. The right managed network provider should be focused on the security, efficiency, and interconnectivity of all solutions critical to business continuity. To put it more simply, an IT company can handle the technology while you focus on everything else. This is one of the IT services some companies tried to go without, and that crippled a lot of businesses in recent memory. When you, your employees, and your customers can’t be together in the office, how do you still function as a team? You should still be able to access everything you need quickly and securely. It’s easy to take the IT help desk for granted until there’s an issue. When a problem arises, though, employees and customers expect tech support to be accessible in a hurry. Look for an MSP that will be available via phone or email whenever you need a fast, effective fix. For a modern company, this also means remote troubleshooting when everything and everyone can’t be in the same place. Finally, demand IT support services that yield real solutions for all users, not just get a quick sign-off from the decision maker. Hackers are always looking for the next trick they can use to scam businesses out of money. Luckily, the most dependable MSPs stay a step ahead. Some industries are especially at risk of cyber attacks, but many hackers aren’t picky. It takes all of the following to be protected from cyber threats:

  • Prevention
  • Monitoring and Detection
  • Swift Disaster Recovery
  • User Training and Education

This is what separates a real technology partner from a cookie cutter MSP. Instead of selling IT services off of a menu, the best MSPs in St. Louis take a consultative approach. That means working with you to develop and execute a strategy that serves your specific business goals. Our team at ThrottleNet does it all, and we’re happy to answer any of your questions. Whether you’re pursuing managed IT services for the first time or making a switch from your current provider, we can help you. We’ll find the specific must-have solutions to meet your needs without trying to sell you anything else. Every engagement is a chance to earn our reputation as the best IT company in St. Louis. Give us a call today and see what the reviews are raving about!

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