Many businesses outsource IT to a managed service provider. Finding MSP cybersecurity protection in St. Louis is often easier than building an internal team of IT security experts, which helps companies find a competitive advantage. Entrusting this element of your business to an outsourced IT company offers many benefits, but there are also some risks since managed service providers are high-value targets for hackers. Is your data really safe with an MSP?

Learn about how top-rated MSPs protect themselves and their clients to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing cybersecurity. Working with an MSP is one of the best ways for businesses to save time and resources. By outsourcing business IT, you can delegate a wide variety of different tasks to qualified professionals: When you let an MSP take care of your network, you can and should expect security and efficiency that provide superior value in the form of business continuity. There have never been more options when it comes to keeping your data safe. Managed cloud services and data backup solutions will prevent disastrous outcomes and reduce recovery time if something does go wrong. It’s difficult and expensive to add cybersecurity experts to an internal team. One of the best ways to save time and resources without sacrificing peace of mind is to opt for MSP cybersecurity protection. Depending on your specific business needs, the right managed service provider will be able to help optimize workflows and processes. Things like secure remote access keep your business moving forward even when employees have to work remotely. There are many different types of ransomware, and much of it is aimed at MSPs on a daily basis. Many businesses in the St. Louis area and beyond outsource IT, which makes the managed service providers high-value targets for cybercrime. Simply put, your cybersecurity company can’t protect you until it protects itself. Here’s what that means for us here at ThrottleNet:

  • Data backup and recovery solutions to respond quickly when disaster strikes
  • File integrity monitoring to proactively verify the status of our operating system and software files on an ongoing basis
  • Sensitive data encryption to keep hackers and other cybercriminals at bay
  • Endpoint protection, including anti-virus solutions, anti-malware solutions, and network intruder protection
  • Continuous training and industry awareness to stay up to date with trends, news, and emerging threats
  • Liability insurance to cover businesses and their customers as it relates to data, which is one of the most valuable assets

Do the threats above sound familiar? They should! This is what businesses are up against, and it’s important to be informed so you can protect yourself and your customers from cyber threats. The best managed service providers leverage prevention, prediction, early detection, quick response, and continuous monitoring to implement better security practices.

Here at ThrottleNet, our clients get the same state of the art cyber protection we use to keep our own business safe. If your current provider is dropping the ball, or if you’re finally ready to make the jump to outsourced IT management, contact ThrottleNet. We’ll make a plan to get your IT systems and security in gear. Let’s connect to find the right MSP cybersecurity protection plan for your business!

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