The best IT company for your business in 2021 depends on your specific situation. Some businesses just want an outsourced IT partner or MSP to keep their critical technology up and running. That’s easy for us here at ThrottleNet, and of course we’re always happy to work with businesses that only need a little boost. For clients like these with simpler needs, the best IT company is one that can offer uninterrupted service and security without blowing through money that could be budgeted toward another part of the business.

Other companies have more demanding IT needs. They need more or think bigger when it comes to how technology can drive success, which puts more demands on an MSP to leverage technology and create a competitive advantage. The best IT companies love to work for this type of client because they more fully leverage our strengths and abilities.

Marvel’s The Flash probably enjoys a leisurely stroll from time to time. But baby, he was born to run! A true technology superhero wants to find innovative ways to push forward, actualize potential, and elevate a business to new heights. If that sounds like what you have in mind for the next year, think carefully before you hire an IT company for 2021. Many MSPs can provide the bare minimum, but only the best technology partners in St. Louis strive to do more and do it better. What does “more and better” really mean in terms of an MSP, though?

  1. Will this MSP help you and your team access the best technology tools and IT services for your specific industry? How much more productive will that make you?
  2. Can enterprise-level data analytics and back-end integration help you gain insights and do more with less?
  3. Which tasks and processes can be digitized or automated? What will the staff do with extra time when they aren’t performing rote tasks?
  4. How can collaboration software make it easier for employees to communicate and get things done as a team? Do they know when to deploy Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Zoom, or something else?
  5. Can the different software that allows you to communicate, back up data, and share files be integrated to provide a more seamless experience?
  6. When it’s hard to be together in the office, can employees work remotely? Is your 2021 IT company prepared to facilitate a “work from home” business structure that combines software, cloud solutions, and the necessary hardware?
  7. Is your MSP equipped to shut down scammers and other growing cybersecurity risks?

Business leaders don’t have to get into the technical weeds to solve IT problems– that’s the MSP’s job. Simply look for a provider with the IT services your business needs to thrive:

Here at ThrottleNet, we’re proud of the recognition we received for providing superior cybersecurity and IT reliability in 2020. We’re also technologists, though, so we stay focused on the future. Reach out to us to hear what we’ll do to be the best IT company again in 2021.

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