Careers in information technology are growing at a faster pace than most other industries. Being a geek wasn’t always glamorous, but after high school, the advantages of geekdom start to flourish. You got into a good college. You learned to grasp how things operate from a technical standpoint. In your mind, you qualify for top IT jobs and decide to enter the industry.

Great timing. The future of IT jobs is bright. In fact, 59% of information technology employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees this summer, an 8% increase from this time last year.

According to the CareerBuilder Mid-Year Job Forecast, the specialized fields of cloud technology, mobile technology and social media are expected to see the greatest gains during 2014.

At home, the future of IT jobs is bright as well. St. Louis continues to grow as a technology hotbed, with many exciting technology startups offering competitive salaries made even more lucrative due to a low cost of living compared to much of the nation.

Careers in information technology are hot right now and the future of IT jobs, specifically in St. Louis is looking great. So, what are the top IT jobs looking for? What are the tools you need to succeed in careers in information technology?

There are standard lines on an IT resume. Companies want to know your software proficiencies, technical abilities and certifications, sure, but do you have what it takes to be a CIO and a true technology leader for a company?

Take these three essential leadership skills needed for IT professionals to land the top IT jobs.


Have a Results Oriented Attitude

The top IT jobs are the best for a reason. These companies know how to get things done. A true leader in IT is a results oriented, is an expert at setting goals, determining priorities and getting results all while juggling a full load of projects. Like many careers, careers in information technology are about getting results for your company. Know your assignments, define a realistic, executable goal and know how to accomplish that in either a pre-determined or assigned timeline.



Become a Persuasive Influencer

Careers in information technology are demanding. There are things going on all over the place. As an IT professional, you have to be the voice of reason. You have ideas to better your company’s technological infrastructure, with the end goal of improving the bottom line. It’s crucial to get others onboard with your ideas and achieve results.



Become a Team Player

For IT projects to succeed at a higher level, everyone on your team has to be striving for one comprehensive goal. Information technology is a team sport. You may be comfortable with an assignment and spending long days alone in your cubicle solving all of your company’s IT issues. That speaks well of your qualifications and skills, but it is imperative to establish yourself as a team player to increase the trust of your co-workers and accomplish more during the course of the day. Willingness to become a team player is often a demand of top IT jobs.

The future of IT jobs looks stronger than ever. Landing the top IT jobs is more than having a great resume. Those with the most success in their careers in information technology do so with more than just skills. Take the team at ThrottleNet for example. As an information technology management firm we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service imaginable to our customers, without contracts or setup fees. Contact ThrottleNet today to learn why we are different.