Is your IT person a jack of all trades but a master of none of them?

Kevin Banks, Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the mistakes business owners make by entrusting anything and everything related to technology to just one person.

Many companies make the mistake of lumping together all tech related equipment and functionality  with servers, computers, copiers, printers and phone systems as “IT”.

They expect their one, in-house IT person to be an expert in all facets and operations of these systems. The IT person, specifically trained in network infrastructure, can waste valuable time and resources scrambling to fix problems outside his expertise and knowledge base. The end result is usually a solution that can be best called “mediocre”.

Complex IT Requires a Team

As networks grow more complex, and can include everything from work stations, to copy/print/scan devices, printer switches and fire walls, a properly run system requires a team of experts with a high level of skill in each particular area.

Banks said that is why ThrottleNet is helping businesses with its Vendor Resource Management program. When companies need a vendor or services outside of ThrottleNet’s core strength and offerings of network management and services, the firm has a team of vendor partners ready to assist them. These partners are subject matter experts in their field. They can address any equipment or service need whether it be a digital printer, mobile device or even web design.

Benefits of a Vendor Resource Management Program

Any client can utilize the Vendor Resource Management program. They can make one call to ThrottleNet to help drive any necessary equipment repair. This approach takes the burden off the CEO or staff member of spending unnecessary time searching for additional help and support, and lets ThrottleNet serve as a direct extension of their business.

The end result provides a business owner with a comprehensive solution to whatever issue or need they may have as opposed to settling for service that is average at best.

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