Are you aware of the three scariest concerns that could bring down your computer network?

Todd Budde, Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) with ThrottleNet appeared on TNtv to discuss the three most harmful scenarios he has seen that can quickly turn your IT network into a total disaster.

The three Network Killers include:

1. The emergence of CryptoLocker and Ransomware

These major viruses can lock-up a user’s file or even the files of everyone in a company.  Business operations can come to a standstill. The onslaught of a CryptoLocker attack can occur when an employee mistakenly opens an email and opens the accompanying file attachment. That attachment can be full of malicious code. The code then looks for the map networking drive and begins encrypting all of the user’s files and folders. Worse, other employees may be mapped to those drives and their files can get locked-up as well. The files can only be opened when the user obtains an encryption key. The key must be obtained by paying a “ransom” to the hacker who has infected the computer or network. Until the money is paid or some type of other solution is utilized, the network becomes basically inoperable.

2. Untrained computer users

Some employees receive little computer training and are unaware of all the online viruses and potential disasters waiting to occur. They click on every email and every attachment that finds their way into their inbox. They may also click on unknown ads and websites. For example, an employee may open an order confirmation attachment from FedEx or UPS even though they did not order any items. That attachment may contain a virus just waiting to spread. It could negatively impact the entire network. The best way to avoid these scenarios is to hire employees that are computer literate and/or to adequately train staff to ensure they are fluent in all day-to-day computer related activities.

3. Failing to have a strong back-up and disaster recovery plan

Any employee can accidentally open an infected file with CryptoLocker or another virus. As mentioned earlier these viruses can bring down your network and could render a business basically inoperable for days or weeks until the situation is remedied. Files can be lost forever. However, a good back up plan with version control can help to quickly recover files and folders, and restore business functions. Companies should invest in a robust disaster recovery plan to ensure the future viability of the organization.

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