Some small businesses think they can get away without utilizing virus protection or anti-virus solutions on their machines. “My business is too small to be compromised,” they say. “I don’t have that much information, anyways,” “Virus protection is too expensive.”

They ask “Do I need an anti-virus solution?”

The fact is, yes. All businesses, regardless of size need some type of anti-virus solution in place to keep business operations running smoothly and productivity high.

The next time you wonder about virus protection, remember this. Hackers are after one thing: data. It doesn’t have to be big data, either.

Small businesses are becoming increasingly susceptible to attacks, in part because many small businesses don’t have safeguards or an anti-virus solution in place to prevent them. It’s much easier to steal data from 100 small businesses without ample protection than it is to steal data from one big national chain with a Pentagon of security behind their processes. We all know how occurrences of this type of security breach that are becoming more and more common by the month, it seems.

What Are the Consequences of a Network Breach without Virus Protection?

A single network security breach can shut a small business’ operation down for days. All small business owners know, time is money, and their business is their largest investment. One single breach accounting for a week off results in a week of lost profits, which could ultimately compromise a business’ future.

Even worse, a hacker could gain valuable business data – data with sensitive information about your customers – credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses – all of that data could be in the wrong hands before you can say “uh-oh.”

This, first and foremost, affects the trust of your customers. Even if business is running as normal in the aftermath of an attack, will customers continue to support you after breaking that reputable trust?

What Can ThrottleNet Do for Anti-Virus Solutions?

Luckily, ThrottleNet is here for our customers and is out to protect their data and reputation. When they ask us, “Do I need an anti-virus solution?” we say yes, and also tell them that virus protection comes standard with our Managed Network plans.

ThrottleNet also doesn’t charge our customers outrageous prices for Anti-Virus software. We take the extra effort to utilize a safe, remote backup environment to ensure your systems are protected from disaster and data loss, and minimizing down time in case disaster does strike.

Learn more about RollCage and ThrottleNet’s solutions to Anti-Virus, remote backup and recovery. You may be able to make coffee without a coffee maker, and sure, microwave popcorn can still find a way to pop without a microwave, but your business is worth much more than creature comforts. Protect your investment with virus protection from ThrottleNet. Contact us today.