As many of our current customers know, ThrottleNet is a huge advocate of e-cycling, and has made a commitment to e-cycle whenever given the opportunity, either for ourselves or for our clients.

When companies go through hardware refresh cycles, they are often left with a heaping quantity of old computer equipment that takes up space and serves no real purpose. The fact is, many business owners don’t know how to recycle electronics and do not know of a computer recycling center in their area.

For most, it’s out with the old and in with the new, but what happens to the old?

Electronics are just like any other re-usable material, just like plastic or paper. The problem is, computers aren’t exactly biodegradable and while e-cycling requires special steps and commitments, it’s becoming more and more important for companies to step up and join in these initiatives.

ThrottleNet’s Commitment to e-Cycling

At ThrottleNet, e-Cycling is part of our Hardware procurement services. We have teamed up with St. Louis based Spectrum ecycle to properly dispose of old computers and technology equipment. ThrottleNet customers don’t have to worry about how to recycle electronics or where to find the nearest computer recycling center, because ThrottleNet and Spectrum take care of the work for them.

This allows your technology staff to worry about new hardware systems and the core technology needs of your organization. ThrottleNet customers don’t have to worry about e-cycling or where to store old equipment, saving space, time, resources and money for more important things.

Why Your Company Should e-Cycle

The Environmental Protection Agency has laid out many reasons for companies to act on e-cycling and has provided the numbers to back up the impact e-cycling has on the environment and economy:

E-cycling extends the life of valuable products

Your business may not have use for an older, slower computer running a defunct operating system, but if that computer is still in serviceable, working condition, it can still make someone happy. An “old” computer at a large firm may be an upgrade for a school, non-profit, or lower income family that could not afford the equipment otherwise.

E-cycling has tax benefits

Businesses can take advantage of tax incentives for computer donations to schools or non-profit organizations.

Recycling Electronics prevents valuable materials from going into the waste stream

When electronics are sent to landfills or are incinerated, hazardous materials such as lead, mercury or cadmium are released into the soil, groundwater and atmosphere having a negative impact on the environment. Computers contain many toxic substances, and may contain more than 6% lead by weight.

How to Recycle Electronics in St. Louis

Along with ThrottleNet’s partner Spectrum Ecycle, there are many reputable computer recycling centers throughout Missouri. This list from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources can help find the computer recycling center closest to you.
For smaller donations, consider donating to several St. Louis reuse charities, including many that will pick up donations for you. Note, not all of these organizations accept electronics or computers.

Let us do the work for you. ThrottleNet, along with Spectrum eCycling, make it easy for ThrottleNet managed network customers to dispose of old electronic equipment. As your outsourced IT support team, we will fully manage tech disposal for your business.

Have some excess hardware taking up space at your business? Contact ThrottleNet today and join us in our commitment to e-Cycling.