You have a great idea for a new business app and are ready to start hiring an app developer. While you generally have an idea of how you want your app to look and function, you don’t possess the skills needed to turn concept into reality. Hiring an app developer is the next step in the process after conceptualization, but how do you find app developers that align with your specific goals?

Every app is different and development truly never ends – as great apps often need constant updating to stay relevant in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Hiring an app developer isn’t as simple as calling the company with the first result on Google – you have to partner with an app developer who gets you. Someone who is on the same page with your business, your goals and your vision to create an app that is a digital extension of your company and your values.

Have a Budget in Mind

There are all kinds of mobile apps varying in complexity. Some mobile apps can be developed in a day while others may take a year. Know what you are willing to pay for the features you want and shop around if you don’t like the answers you get from one company. Be as detailed as possible while explaining your needs to a potential app vendor to get an accurate quote. You don’t want to provide too little information because that can yield an inaccurate quote.

Understand Developer Testing Methods

If you are developing an app for both iOS and Android, those of course, are two different apps. You want both versions to function similarly and, most importantly, work flawlessly. At the same time, you want to be sure your application works seamlessly on a variety of supported devices. It would be a shame if the developer tested your app on a fourth generation iPod and come to find out the app doesn’t work with iOS 10. Make sure your vendor tests on multiple devices and multiple operating systems and rest easy on the go-live date.

Check Their References

When hiring an app developer—or anyone for that matter—it’s important to know their background and past experiences. If you are building an eCommerce app, chances are you don’t want a company that only builds games to build your app (and vice versa). Find out what apps they have developed and if any are similar to your concept. Do you like what you see? Feel free to call references of past clients understanding that this is a big undertaking for your business.

Find Out Who Will Own the App

Under any agreement which involves a third party it’s important to know who truly owns the end result. Because the app is being designed for your company, you should own the application at the end of the day, not the developer. At the end of your contract, you should be able to take your app and turn updates over to an in-house developer or look elsewhere for ongoing maintenance. Any profits generated from your app should be yours as well. After all, it is YOUR app. Hiring an app developer with contract language stating anything but this should be turned aside.

Know Where the Company is Located

You may want to have a local company handle your app development project if personal contact is important to you. Visit their office in person and get to know the team. It’s easy to be fooled about organizational structure on the phone. Make sure app development is handled in-house and you’re not paying a middle-man in charge of an overseas developer. You can find that yourself cheaper if you really wanted to go that route.

Get Regular Status Updates on Your App

Throughout the process, you want to hire an app developer who will be with you every step of the way from consulting through testing, launch and ongoing maintenance agreements.

Make sure you’re working with a team of app developers who can get a second eye on your project to eliminate mistakes.

Hiring an App Developer in St. Louis? Give ThrottleNet a Try

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