Not so very long ago, before the dawn of Call of Duty or even the famous Taco Bell Baja Blast, in heart of the rockin’ 1980s, a new being emerged. Rising from a nest of Dorito crumbs and tangled cables, the computer geek (origin: Dorkus Nerdis) came to life.

These early computer geeks had an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and they were constantly tinkering with computers and other gadgets. They spent their days mastering the art of software development and cybersecurity engineering. They also weren’t afraid to get down and dirty with hardware, tearing components apart and putting them back together again.

Thankfully, the computer geek of today has evolved quite a bit since then! ThrottleNet’s geeks are a far cry from their predecessors of the 80s. These modern geeks have become valuable assets to any business or organization, providing superior IT support and cutting-edge software solutions.

Let’s meet a few of them, shall we? (Just don’t tap the glass, they might scream.)

Meet a Few ThrottleNet Team Members

Let Our ThrottleNet Geeks Help You Today

From the early days of the computer geek to our modern-day tech heroes, ThrottleNet’s geeks have been aiding businesses and organizations with their IT needs. Our knowledgeable team can help you protect your business from cyber threats, assist you with software development projects, or provide top-notch customer service. So don’t hesitate to give us a call! We promise we won’t bite. And hey, who knows? Maybe you might want to join our squad! 

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