Have you been hired to serve as your company’s CFO but find you are spending 20 hours per week overseeing the firm’s technology operations?

Marc Arbesman, CIO of ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the potential problems involved with assigning this task to a non-IT professional.

CFOs or controllers have a history of overseeing a company’s IT since the first computer applications were accounting based software packages. However times have changed.

Computer networks have become more complex. Trusting the oversight of a company’s technology department to someone other than an IT professional can result in potential problems. It might even lead to a disaster for the business.

Problems with a Non-IT Guy Doing IT

1. It Exposes your company to risks
Many businesses are vulnerable to all sorts of hacks, breaches and related security problems. Only an IT professional can accurately determine if your Internet connection is secure and has the right equipment.

2. It’s Easy to Waste money on equipment
Many non-IT professionals purchase the wrong equipment for the wrong reasons. Consumer grade hardware may be purchased to serve in a large business setting or a workstation somehow gets turned into a server. The equipment doesn’t perform as the company expected and the business then spends even more money until they get the right machines in the right places.

3. It’s Easier to Waste money and time on non-productive employee activities.
Do businesses really want their CFO to sit in an office on a Saturday night at 10pm waiting for a Windows update so the rest of their network can run properly? Financial officers are better suited to deal with the company’s accounting issues than spend non-productive time with technology problems they actually know little about.

Instead of assigning the oversight of a company’s technology operations to a controller or other employee, businesses should work with a trained IT professional. This can be internally or externally, with one person or an entire team. Someone who is proactive rather than reactive to the company’s technology needs.

A true technology professional can provide an executive level view of what your IT is doing for your business. They can also help plan the technology groundwork to ensure your organization is prepared for future growth.

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