Is your technology is alignment with your overall business goals? Could your company benefit by utilizing the skills and experience of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on a virtual basis?

Eric Aguado, a Partner with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss the many benefits of utilizing a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) as part of a company’s technology program.

Aguado explained that most are familiar with the term CIO and understand that large enterprises and Fortune 500 type companies employ a fulltime Chief Information Officer. The CIO’s responsibility is to oversee all items related to technology within that business. Since technology is constantly changing it is the CIO’s role to ensure their company is taking advantage of the latest tech innovations to maintain business operations at optimum levels. It is also the CIO’s responsibility to make sure this technology meshes with the company’s overall strategy and business goals.



Companies who need the expertise of a CIO can now employ one on a virtual basis. Much like their full-time counterparts, the vCIO has many years of experience and a high level of expertise in the technology industry. In addition, in the case of a firm like ThrottleNet, the vCIO has an entire team of technology professionals backing them up in a true collaborative effort. Included are IT professionals from the Help Desk to engineers.

Much like a CIO, the vCIO will attend quarterly company meetings and bring reports of how the firm’s technology is performing. This can include any relevant factors such as how key critical servers are functioning or how an EHR system is performing if the company is in the healthcare industry. These reports can be full reviews compiled by monitoring all systems over a three month or six month period depending on the needs of the business. The vCIO will analyze this information and present recommendations to improve any tech related issues.

While not physically located down the hallway from the executive suite, the vCIO is still available by phone or email as much as the business needs them. Companies can contact their vCIO anytime and ask questions concerning any technology related ideas. The vCIO also functions proactively, constantly looking for ways to improve the company’s operations.

Business owners interested in utilizing a vCIO can contact an IT firm such as ThrottleNet that offers Managed Network Solutions. The vCIO is part of an overall plan that includes a virtual support team plus software, monitoring, support, maintenance and many other services.

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