Proactive IT Support - ThrottleNetMany businesses take a reactionary approach to managing their information technology. When something breaks it gets fixed. 

While this approach to IT management may ensure issues are resolved quickly enough and seems efficient enough, it is far from optimal. 

Reacting to network issues pulls critical employees away from their key job responsibilities, and often results in extended downtime, which hinders workplace productivity and profitability. 

Your IT strategy should serve as insurance to prevent network issues from occurring during business hours in the first place. You never want to crash your car but you purchase insurance just in case. Your approach to information technology management should follow the same principle. 

By taking a proactive approach to IT management, we help businesses prepare for the future. Here’s how: 

Network Planning

A professionally designed IT plan is critical to your long-term success.  An experienced IT consultant can help your business develop and implement processes and procedures to streamline your technology, and help you identify your risks. Work with a managed services provider who understands your line of work and the needs of your employees.  A proactive IT services provider can ensure your business is investing in the correct technology and is running at max efficiency. 

Expect the Unexpected – Have a Backup Plan

Your business should have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place to be prepared for everything from a simple power outage to a security breach or data loss. Having a plan in place to protect your critical data is an extremely important step to take to return to normal operation in short order following an emergency. 

Plan Your IT Costs

Reacting to IT problems can lead to unexpected costs. When an employee’s 10-year old desktop finally bites the dust and needs replaced, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Moving many of your services to the cloud can alleviate much of the unexpected maintenance costs associated with your network infrastructure. Cloud storage services are often available for a fixed monthly fee. By taking inventory of your technology and sticking to a set refresh schedule, you can plan for improvements without blowing through your annual IT budget. 

Monitor Your Network 

Proactively managing your IT means always keeping an eye on it. When you have software in place to identify performance, uptime and utilization, you can get a hold of network issues before they result in downtime. If a network error occurs overnight, it may not be discovered until the next day, and by then, it’s too late.

Partner with a Proactive IT Services Provider

ThrottleNet lets your business take control of its technology and ensures your IT is being managed as effectively as possible. Our proactive approach to IT helps companies cut costs, effectively manage their risks, prepare for the unexpected and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Move your IT forward with ThrottleNet. Contact us today.