business-process-outsourcingHave you ever looked outside your organization to complete more specialized tasks?

Outsourcing can be a dirty word to some business owners. When some hear the word “outsourcing” their minds automatically jump to lower cost overseas outsourcing that can be more of a headache than a helpful strategy.

The game has changed. You don’t need to reach for the soap when you hear someone say “you should probably think about outsourcing this or that.”

There are several reasons for and benefits to outsourcing. It can help alleviate overburdened employees or add value in areas that don’t require a full-time skilled worker.

Luckily, outsourcing doesn’t have to go overseas. There are plenty of companies right here in St. Louis and across the United States specializing in business process outsourcing. As a business owner, research is critical to determine the legitimacy and strengths of an outsourced business partner.

Below are 5 routine and necessary tasks your business should consider outsourcing to a trusted partner: 


One of the most common challenges employers face is finding qualified people to join their team. This is especially true within competitive markets.

Knowledgeable recruiters have access to a wealth of tools and expertise that your business may not have. When you consider the cost of hiring a full-time recruiter, the cost of posting for hire ads on Indeed, LinkedIn and other aggregators, and the time and effort of outreach, the likelihood of seeing a significant cost savings through outsourcing recruiting efforts is high.

Digital Marketing

In order for your business to be found online, you need a solid strategy in place for search engine optimization, content development and paid advertising. Your current marketing department may be too busy to worry about the website when writing press releases, responding to RFPs, developing print ads and more. They may not also have access to all of the tools and expertise pro digital marketers have at their disposal for research, competitive analysis and tracking performance.

Due to the limited number of trained and experienced digital marketers available, in order to execute a strong strategy, outsourcing to a partner may yield better results for less cost.

Call Center and Collections

Most business owners don’t want to hound people for money or deal with nasty calls from disgruntled customers. Luckily, someone else will gladly do that for you! There are several companies in the St. Louis area working on collections and call center operations for large, reputable clients who are able to handle the dirty work better than you or your team – especially if you get a large volume of phone calls. 

Payroll and Accounting

There are plenty of advantages of outsourcing both basic and advanced HR functions. Payroll processing is time consuming.  Freeing up the time spent on it can allow more time for you or your employees to pursue revenue-generating activities.

Inc. Magazine recognized Payroll as No. 2 on its list of “11 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Outsource to Survive” in an article last year right behind taxes – another accounting function. Outsourcing payroll also comes with the added benefit of allowing employees to opt in to Direct Deposit, which may not be available for organizations managing payroll internally.


5. Managed Network and IT Services


Are you an IT guy? No? Then why are you managing your IT department by yourself? Aside from ensuring your business doesn’t fall victim to data breaches and your machines don’t get overrun by viruses, a knowledgeable IT Service Provider can help you better understand and manage the technical side of your business. There are several advantages of outsourcing Managed Network Services, including:

As a St. Louis Managed Services provider, our clients have recognized the reasons for outsourcing and we have in turn helped those businesses grow. There are advantages of outsourcing a wide range of business processes, you just have to pick those that are right for your unique business goals. Contact ThrottleNet today to learn more.