Time and money are extremely important for startups trying to make it in today’s business environment. As an entrepreneur trying to prove an idea to the world, you don’t have time to handle IT yourself and don’t have the money to hire a CIO who will command a 6-figure salary and several weeks of vacation. Because hiring internally isn’t always ideal or feasible for the cost-conscious, hands-on business owner or investor, many see incredible value in outsourced managed services providers (MSPs) to ensure their IT is working just as hard as they are. In the hot St. Louis startup scene, your business needs a competitive advantage. Outsourcing critical IT functions may be the answer. Below are several reasons why bootstrapping startups in the St. Louis area should turn to a Managed Network provider to keep their IT in check. Managed Services are Scalable The hope is that your startup isn’t always a startup. When you land that big account, win Shark Tank or see sales naturally increase from years of hard work, your need for IT support or cloud storage will grow faster than you can keep up with. This is a good problem to have, but you want to keep growing and any time spent away from your core competencies can slow down your momentum – plus, new physical servers are expensive. A Managed services provider works on a fixed monthly fee, and can easily and affordably add more storage without wasting your resources. Managed Services Provide Global Support Around the Clock Most startups don’t have the capability to provide staff with live 24/7 support and we can’t blame them. A quality MSP will offer around-the-clock monitoring of your network and all connected devices, and will be available whenever you need them to troubleshoot critical issues that may arise. Managed Services Provide Expert Advise Your job is to be an expert in your products or services and not in IT. An MSP allows you to focus on your core competencies, grow your product and deliver value to your customers. ThrottleNet’s Managed Network plan includes a Virtual CIO, who assists with the strategic planning aspects of IT. This is an incredibly valuable asset to have for a growing business. And now for the two most obvious benefits of an MSP for your startup: Managed Services Providers Save Startups TIME Partnering with an outside vendor to provide IT support allows your internal team to focus on its core processes, and perhaps more importantly, reduces your stress by ensuring that everything in relation to your technology is under control. Some of the most common services that an MSP can offer include:
  • Ensuring network connectivity
  • Improving and managing security
  • Integrating messaging and collaboration software
  • Handling software licensing agreements
  • Break/fix and other desktop management services
  • Database administration
  • Third-party vendor management
  • Data backup & archiving
With these tasks off your plate and access to industry experts, you’ll be 100% committed to growing your business. Managed Services Providers Save Startups MONEY A typical managed services agreement costs less each month than a single full-time employee responsible for the same. And, a quality IT services provider has experience in a variety of different industries including companies of all sizes. Qualified IT professionals often command high salaries. When you’re hiring an IT person, it can be difficult to determine if they have the skills to do the job well, and you also need that person to be a good organizational fit. Plus, there’s the whole paid vacation thing. What Should I Look for When Hiring an IT Company for My Startup? Successful companies have experts running every aspect of their business, whether the process is being handled by internal team members or an outside firm. While saving time and money are key benefits of hiring an outside IT contractor, there are things to be aware of when making this important decision: Commit to a Partnership, not an independent Contractor – IT is an ongoing endeavor. Project-based outsourcing fills a short-term need but doesn’t ensure your IT is being proactively managed or that the vendor fully understands your business and its needs. The Cheapest Option is Never the Best – Like most things in life you get what you pay for. Get bids to find the best fit for your business, not the cheapest price. Be wary of packages that aren’t all inclusive or scalable to fit your growing needs. Find a Company Who Understands Your Expectations – Outsourcing agreements fail when both parties aren’t on the same page. Know what you want and illustrate your goals. Partner Your Startup with ThrottleNet Whether you’re at T-Rex, Cortex or are still in your garage, consider ThrottleNet to help support the IT needs of your business. Our full-service IT solutions provide your business with a dedicated Virtual CIO, around-the clock monitoring & help desk support, security solutions & much more at a fixed monthly cost. Contact us today to receive your free network assessment!