How many times have you gone out and accidentally left your expensive iPhone on a restaurant table, in a movie theater cup holder or a public bathroom sink? I know I have done all of the above!

Thanks the Internet, it's not difficult to figure out how to hack an iPhone or any cell phone for that matter. There are ways, however, to track that lost or stolen iPhone - also thanks to the Internet!
CNET gives us three solutions that can cover just about any lost-iPhone situation.
FoneHome and iHound are two apps you can download onto your phone that run in the background. The apps will transmit your iPhone's GPS-tracked location at regular intervals. If your phone goes missing, all you need is access to a Web browser so you can sign in to your account and locate your phone on a map. FoneHome will cost you $1.99 and iHound runs about $3.99, plus $10.99 per year. This is a lot cheaper than going out and dropping hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone
If you want to get really fancy (and expensive), try MobileMe. This feature will cost you $99 annually (it’s also available on Amazon for about $60). It can sync all your contacts, appointments, etc., but also includes Find My iPhone. This app will pinpoint your iPhone’s exact location using a map like the other aforementioned apps; however, this app also can remotely wipe the phone.
Finally, the Where’s My Phone app is available for only 99 cents. It’s designed for people who set their phone down somewhere (home or office) and can’t find it. Just clap your hands and the phone will vibrate or play an alert sound!