Is your company email being spoofed? Are you protected from spam and phishing attacks? 

ThrottleNet takes great pride in educating our employees to be better spam fighters for our customers. Our cybersecurity team hosted two internal lunch and learns last week to discuss the changing landscape of email security. We discussed how email can be spoofed and the different options to verify and authenticate. Enhanced email security can prevent email spoofing, phishing attacks, and other forms of email abuse. 

Is your company email being spoofed? Are you protected from spam and phishing attacks? 

Statistics from the event:

  • 56.5% of all emails are sent as spam
  • Advertising is 37% of spam emails
  • 90% of corporate security breaches begin with phishing attacks
  • New phishing websites are created every 20 seconds
  • Only 0.1% of all email attacks qualify as spear phishing, but 66% of company breaches are caused by this targeted phishing method.
  • 22% of businesses have at least one email account compromised 
  • 20% of emails with malware are opened by employees

We discussed potential bad practices and our industry leading technology stack to show how we can best utilize the email filtering tools. Our cybersecurity team proactively helps our customers through education and by auditing our customer service remediations. We ensure our customers are protected with best-in-class service. 

Secure Email Best for Email Security

  • Understand why a message is being blocked to remediate properly
  • Do not just globally whitelist a domain, unless absolutely necessary
  • Do not adjust email filtering settings without consultation with an IT professional

Are you protected from email threats? Talk to ThrottleNet for a free evaluation of your technology services to understand your security vulnerabilities.

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