technology addictionFor many, it is commonplace to sit at a desk and stare at a computer monitor all day, and in many offices with BYOD policies, it’s likely that when you’re not starring at that computer monitor you take a break to glance down at your smartphone, looking for the latest news on Twitter then diverting that attention to comment on a friend’s Instagram photo.

Technology addiction is no laughing matter and can actually be harmful to your health.

Don’t get us wrong, we love IT, and feel information is valuable to our daily lives, but with anything in life, it is to be enjoyed in moderation, and everyone can benefit from unplugging from technology.

Technology companies are well aware of our culture’s overindulgent tendencies, otherwise the Internet of Things and Wearables wouldn’t be met with as much excitement as they have been.

Technology is everywhere, and it’s not going away. While this is a good thing, it’s important to find a balance between your unplugged life and technology consumption. It is possible to curb your technology addiction. Below are some helpful tips to help you unplug for a few hours each day – to improve your health and clear your head.

Take a Break from Social Media

While Facebook and Twitter are perfectly fine taking over your life they both have a soft side allowing you to deactivate your account without actually cancelling them and starting from scratch. Avoiding social media is the most important step you can take during any technology detox. Deactivate your Facebook and Twitter accounts and remove all social apps from your smartphone. Do this for just one week. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’re aware of your surroundings, and won’t miss as much as you would think. 

Don’t Use Your Smartphone Before Bed

One of the worst habits and signs of technology addiction is using a smartphone or laptop in bed, or anywhere in your house right before going to bed. At nighttime, your body wants you to unwind and taking in additional information during this key time is not healthy. For one, the blue lights emitting from LED screens interfere with melatonin production in your brain, causing havoc on your sleep. If you aren’t comfortable unplugging from technology all day, at least do it at the end of each day to unwind your brain. Read a book instead.

Don’t Use Your Smartphone When You Go on Vacation

If you’re leaving the country or even town, don’t give in to the temptation of checking your work email or using your iPhone camera. Instead, take a real camera along – maybe something waterproof and disposable that will actually capture those dolphins up close and personal. Unplugging from technology during a vacation is crucial. This time is supposed to be a physical and mental break. You can’t manage the mental side if you continue to be glued to your smartphone screen. Leave the phone in your hotel room, or if you must bring it along with you, use it for emergencies only.

Download an App to Help You during Your Technology Detox

Fight technology with technology! If you can’t stand life without your smartphone, simply download an app like OffTime. This app helps you block out distracting apps, identifies your own habits and allows you to whitelist important contacts who may need to get in touch with you during your digital detox. Unplugging from technology couldn’t be any easier.

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