Mobile app engagement and ensuring customer retention are perhaps the two most important hurdles app developers have to clear when designing, developing and launching a new mobile application.

Statistics show that 23% of users abandon an app after only one use. With all the time, effort, energy and financial investment that goes into app development, those numbers can deter a savvy business owner from going down the path towards mobile development.

Not every app is fail-safe from abandonment and poor mobile app engagement numbers. Back in July, Pokémon Go was demonstrating retention rates twice the industry-average, but has since gone quiet in boasting about those numbers.

With user demands at all-time highs, making an app that users will open again and again poses a unique challenge to app developers.

So, how do you beat the odds and ensure your new business app doesn’t get abandoned and mobile app engagement stays strong months after launch?

Make it Easy to Jump Aboard

Long, drawn out application processes preventing users from accessing an app’s bread and butter can prevent them from coming back.

Integrating account creation automatically from accounts a user may already have like Facebook or Twitter makes it easy to jump right in, without having to fill out a long drawn out form from scratch.

Use Push Notifications

Email marketing is a proven tactic used over and over again as a subtle reminder to let previous customers know you’re still around. The same idea can be applied to improving mobile app engagement. Simple push notifications letting users know about new features they may not have seen last time they checked in can help them dive back into your app with ease.

Offer Deals & Incentives

Rewards programs, check-in specials and money saving coupons are sure-fire ways to keep users coming back to your app and engaging with it. When combined with push notifications based on geographical tracking, incentives can be extremely effective in contributing to improved retention rates.

Don’t Litter Your App with Advertisements

When the option is available it may be tempting to opt into the Google AdSense network to earn extra revenue on your free app. However, user experience is extremely compromised by annoying pop ups and banner ads that are easily clickable by accident. Many app developers offer two versions of their app – a standard free version supported by advertising alongside a “premium” version void of these annoyances. Don’t hold your user base hostage in this manner.

Ease of Use Trumps Everything

From onboarding through everyday use, an app should above all else be easy to use. Navigating content, jumping between features or adding premium content should all be easy.  A game should be easy for a novice to pick up and play while finding and purchasing exactly what you want should be incredibly simple in an e-commerce app. Mobile app engagement is at its best when apps are easy to use.

Trust an Expert in App Development


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