Your company needs technology to thrive, but you don’t have time to get into the technical weeds. Hiring a large IT team is costly, and managing one distracts you from focusing on your business. Trusting your IT services to a managed network provider can help you get the technology solutions you need while freeing up time and resources to focus on the big picture. The simplest way to get the best managed network is by partnering with an IT company that realizes their success is tied to yours. When you find a true partner, you can lean on them to provide the most appropriate IT services for your specific needs. Look for things like the following from your dedicated success team:
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) who will meet with your internal team on a regular basis to discuss network performance, ongoing IT support, technology budgets, and more
  • Network engineer with experience supporting businesses like yours
  • Dedicated onsite support analyst to install new equipment, set up new users, and provide other IT services
  • Remote support technician to perform nightly backup checks and routine patches for your applications
Your technology isn’t worth much if it isn’t secure. The cost of ransomware is high enough that it can seriously hurt a business. Make sure your managed network comes with an anti-virus and anti-malware solution. Real-time management, maintenance, and monitoring can go a long way toward protecting your business. Security is one of the most important parts of your technology plan because it can prevent data breaches, financial losses, and unplanned downtime. You shouldn’t have to juggle IT companies or spend time coordinating between different technology vendors. The right managed service provider can handle procurement and resolve issues with your other hardware, software, and service vendors without putting extra work on your plate. After all, outsourcing IT is supposed to make life easier for you, not harder. Here at ThrottleNet, our award-winning customer service team is locally based right here in St. Louis. We offer unlimited remote support, and you can also opt for a plan that includes unlimited onsite support and project labor. No matter which type of plan you select, you’re only paying one fixed fee per month. That way there are no surprises that might otherwise blow up your IT budget. This ability to balance remote and onsite support is something you will only get from a local IT support team. Not every customer needs an onsite IT partner, but many feel more comfortable knowing we are nearby if needed. A great managed network provider won’t just set up your technology, they’ll teach you how to use it. At ThrottleNet that means our team will conduct a thorough onboarding as we begin our partnership with your company. We’ll introduce ourselves to your entire staff, show them how to get support, and give them other training. Every one of your employees will learn about the best practices for avoiding common security risks and getting the most out of your managed network services. An effective managed network should tie everything together while making your other essential IT services easier to scale and customize. Here at ThrottleNet, we follow a three-phase approach to providing a managed network. This allows us to get to know you, assess your needs, then make customized recommendations to facilitate success. We’re regularly ranked among the best IT companies in St. Louis because we provide a level of hands-on attention that other IT service providers just don’t. Contact us today to find out what it’s like to have a more reliable technology partner.
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