2020 has taught us a lot about the type of technology it takes to run a successful business in a modern world. When times are uncertain and normal operations are interrupted, companies need to be able to rely on critical IT services that can help them survive and thrive. Many businesses have learned some hard lessons and made quick adjustments to keep moving forward, but the future will continue to present more challenges. The following IT strategies for 2021 will help ensure that your business is ready for the next calendar year. The world was already becoming decentralized as more and more business transactions occur online, but the digital shift has been accelerated due to recent events. It’s important for employees to stay connected and productive even when they can’t physically be in the office. Secure remote access makes it possible to maintain business continuity even when people have to work remotely.

  • Hardware like headphones, microphones, and cameras
  • Reliable solutions for calls and video meetings
  • Virtual desktop solutions to connect you to the main office
  • Secure access to files, folders, and everything else you need

Address any technology issues that caused the most business disruptions and dissatisfaction in 2020. This year put a lot of strain on companies and pushed technological solutions to the limit. You may have had to modernize your IT services more quickly than you originally planned, but the trial by fire has given business leaders an opportunity to see which technological gaps are preventing them from reaching future business goals. If you don’t have the resources to address all of your vulnerabilities with your internal IT team, this may be the time to get a competitive advantage with outsourced IT. Just as IT services are evolving to provide better solutions for your business, hackers are getting more sophisticated. Staying ahead of ransomware and other cybersecurity threats may feel like a full-time job at times. The good news is that you don’t have to make it your full-time job. You can outsource cybersecurity to take the pressure off of your internal team as you receive the most effective protection available. The pace at which technology evolves makes it hard for business leaders to keep up. If you have bigger things to focus on than the latest and greatest IT Services, some of the lingo might sound a little bit foreign. Between meaningless buzzwords and technical jargon, some IT strategies start to read like alphabet soup. It’s important to form a partnership with a managed service provider that will take the time to explain the true business benefits behind the technology.

Still, it can be hard to trust your technology to a third party. Look for an experienced managed service provider with a long track record of enabling success in your industry. When you partner with accomplished technology experts, it becomes easy to co-create a customized blend of the most important IT services. Here at ThrottleNet, we’re proud to be awarded as one of the best IT companies in the St. Louis area. We’re even more proud of the way we help local businesses succeed. We’re so confident in our ability to serve your business goals, our whole business model depends on your continued satisfaction. Check out our win-win deal and contact us today!

16 Ways to Protect Your St. Louis Business From Cyberattacks

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