Tips by Heather Ervin, Director of Marketing at ThrottleNet Inc.
*If you have more questions after you read this list, contact!
  1. Attach your company fan page to a blank profile – not your personal page. You’ll want to suggest your page to “friends” by adding as many people as possible, and you don’t want to add these people to your personal Facebook page.
  1. Be sure to include your company Website, contact info and list of services in the small “info box” beneath your profile picture. This will make it easier for people to contact you, and Google will index this information. When Google indexes your information, it helps push your Website rankings up higher in various search engines.
  1. Use a company logo as your profile picture. You’ll want to use social media to help market your “brand.” An important part of your brand is your logo. It’s the image of your company that people can associate with your services every time it pops up on their Facebook wall.
  1. Include links to your other social media outlets, such as Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Be sure to include links to your Facebook fan page on these sites as well.
  1. Include a link to your Facebook page in your email signature by linking the URL to a Facebook icon image. This will make it easier for people to find your page.
  1. Likewise, be sure to include links to your Facebook (and other social media) in ALL of your email blasts, and make sure to display that you are on Facebook on printed material too. This can be achieved with a simple “We’re on Facebook” or “Like us on Facebook” logo.
  1. Be sure to make at least one post a day, but be careful not to go overboard. People will begin to consider you spam otherwise, and will “unlike” you.
  1. In addition to posting information about your services, be sure to include fun and interesting posts as well. You can post funny pictures, YouTube videos, news articles, etc. that somehow relate (or don’t) to your product. This will help attract people to your site who are weary or bored of strict sales posts.
  1. Be sure to link up all blog and newsletters to your Facebook (and all social sites). You want to point people to your Website as often as possible, and this is a great way to do.
  1. Finally, consider following your competition! You won’t be revealing any big sales secrets on your Facebook site, and competition can find you easily enough thanks to your main Website. Following your competition allows you to keep on top of what they are doing, how they are marketing their services/products, and gives you ideas on how to be better.