College students use their smartphones for everything. Whether it’s finding a date, a couch to crash on or a rare Pokémon, college students today are notoriously connected at all times.

What many college students do not know is that they can harness their smartphones to get a serious advantage both in and out of the classroom.

With many schools already beginning the fall semester, we compiled a list of six apps for back to school that no college student should ever live without again.


1. Evernote

Evernote is the kind of app that will make you forget about pen and paper altogether. Available on mobile phones, laptops and tablets, Evernote can help users boost their notetaking game with several enhancements over traditional methods.

There are two schools of note takers – those who prefer paper and those who prefer to use their laptops in the classroom. Evernote takes the best of both worlds, providing a robust organizational system that a word processor simply cannot match, along with the ability to scan, upload, search and edit paper notes as if they were digital in the first place.

Evernote also allows users to embed and source external information from the web to add additional context to lectures.

2. Flashcards Plus

Flashcards are one of the easiest ways to efficiently dump knowledge into your brain, but they can be a pain to get set up.

Thankfully, there are plenty of digital apps like Flashcards Plus to help create custom flashcard decks without the hassle of dragging them all over with you.

Flashcards Plus allows users to create customized decks, complete with image support and also offers a robust shared library of decks created by other students. You can also share your own decks amongst classmates – just make sure that those you are sharing your hard work with reimburse you for your trouble somehow – we recommend pizza.

3. Asana

A bit of a wild card on this list of apps for back to school, the free version of Asana can help you keep track of due dates and collaborate with classmates on group projects.

Commonly used in the professional world, Asana is a powerful task management software available as a web app or on iOS and Android on mobile devices that can also work quite well for students.

Asana allows users to label tasks by class, set due dates, add notes and attach files so you’ll never miss a beat. For group projects, Asana can be used to divvy up responsibilities and alert members of progress throughout the project. Keeping track of effort and progress can’t be made much easier.

 4. ITunes U

You’ve heard of ITunes, sure. But have you heard of ITunes U? Instead of downloading the latest Justin Bieber single treat yourself to lectures from top rated professors at places like Harvard and MIT. Best of all, the content available on ITunes U is free.

Some professors may integrate ITunes U into their curriculum, but if yours doesn’t, ITunes U can provide a wealth of resources for term paper projects or readings to satisfy your general curiosity on any topic imaginable. Even if you’re not a college student, ITunes U is a great download if you want to continue learning and keep your brain stimulated.

5. Mint

For most new college freshmen, this is really the first time you’ve been out on your own and in charge of your own well-being. Mint is a must-have app for back to school that you can securely link to your checking account, credit cards, student loans and any other type of financial account you hold.

Mint paints a 360-degree picture of your personal finances, and can help you determine if you can afford to go out for sushi tonight or if a chill night of Netflix and Ramen is more your speed.

6. Pandora

There are plenty of music streaming apps out there, but Pandora remains an old favorite. While Pandora and Spotify function incredibly differently, it’s the randomness and flow of Pandora that makes it still stand out as a winner and one of our top apps for back to school – especially when you’re trying to study for that big exam.

Pandora currently has a host of back-to-school themed stations, including “Back to School 2016,” Classical, Instrumental, Beats and Electronic stations for studying and the always popular “Rap and Hip-Hop Pre-Game Radio (for the weekend).

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