Are you ready to get into shape for spring and summer? Do you know all the latest high-tech products available to help you achieve your fitness goals?

Kevin Banks, Virtual Chief Information Office (vCIO) with ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to highlight some of the newest products that can help any golfer, tennis player or weekend athlete improve their performance.

These products include…

1.     Mobicoach, an online app that enables you to schedule online training with some of the best trainers in the country. Whether your sport is baseball, golf or tennis, you can schedule an appointment with your iPad and the coach will be live in your very own one-on-one session. Training is highly interactive and can be done from the convenience of your home and recorded for later review. The sessions are based on your budget and how much training you are willing to do.

2.     Fitbit. Many are familiar with this wearable technology. It looks like a wristwatch without a face. It will monitor and track your heart rate, and distance walked during hiking or walking. The device enables you to track calories and uploads to a mobile app.

3.     Zepp. This device is based on a sensor that fits on your golf glove, baseball glove or tennis racket. It is designed for any sport that requires a swing to help you improve your game. Zepp syncs with your app on your blue tooth enabled device. Once downloaded it starts calibrating as you start swinging. You tell it which golf club you are using and it can record up to 2,000 swings. Then it provides a 3-D visual representation of your swing which you can view on your mobile device.  Zepp helps you identify problem areas and compares your swing with the pros. It includes a series of video drills so you can make adjustments and better your performance.

4.     HEXO+. This new product is set to launch in the fall. It provides an aerial view of your workout and is like having your own helicopter based camera crew. The HEXO+ is a drone that works in conjunction with a GoPro camera and your mobile phone. It is blue tooth enabled. The camera is mounted on-board. The device follows you based on the signal from your mobile device which is placed in your pocket. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, biking or running it provides a new way to analyze your workout, from a most unique perspective. 

5.     Garmin. A golfer’s dream the high-end version of the Garmin GPS watch contains 30,000-40,000 pre-programmed golf course layouts together with pin placements. It provides you with automatic course updates, shot assistance, and statistics on your swing and other metrics. The lower end model can map your jog and pulse rate, and is an all-around useful tool for runners and others interested in improving their cardiovascular fitness.

For more information contact ThrottleNet at 866-826-5966.

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