santa-top-10-tech-gifts-under-$100Great technology is becoming more affordable, and that’s a great sign, considering everyone on your list wants the latest and greatest gadgetry available.

ThrottleNet has compiled a list of 10 affordable tech gifts available for under $100. Spread some holiday cheer and give the gift of technology this year, by considering any of our top 10 tech gifts under $100 available through various retailors. 

Glider Touchscreen Gloves (Under $30)

Recommended by some tech bloggers who tested a variety of gloves compatible with heavy smartphone usage, this pair from Glider came out as the best of the bunch.

Smartphone gloves make the perfect tech Christmas gift, because a good pair can be inexpensive and is very practical given the cold weather the winter season brings.

This pair from Glider fits all the criteria that makes a good touchscreen glove: they’re warm, and you can text and surf the web from your phone comfortably in any weather condition.

Google Chromecast ($35)

Streaming video is all the rage these days, and 2014 brought a bunch of inexpensive plug-and-play USB stick options to provide it. Truthfully, there are tons of streaming video USB devices that could have made our list of top 10 tech gifts under $100, but the Chromecast has several things going for it: It’s affordable and works with a variety of apps, including Netflix, HBO Go, Watch ESPN, Hulu Plus, MLB.Tv and more.

Beginner Quadracopter Drones (From $50 on Amazon)

Drones haven’t quite hit the mainstream, but they have an avid fan base, and provide endless entertainment by capturing breathtaking HD videos you otherwise wouldn’t be able to take yourself. Drones make great tech Christmas gifts.

There are several safety and privacy concerns associated with drone usage, as documented in a recent episode of South Park, but that’s just one of the things that makes them fun. Just be careful out there, and don’t fly anywhere where you don’t think you should. 

Drones are a ton of fun, and there are several entry-level options for curious hobbyists available on Amazon, starting at just over $50.

Seagate Backup Plus ($69)

This is an outstanding little portable hard drive, featuring a full terabyte of storage for under $100. This is the perfect accessory if you are a MacBook Air user, with little storage space for all of your music and photos on your internal hard drive. The device is also very easy to set up.

The size of this drive is another major selling point, as it is just a hair larger than most smartphones, and comes in a variety of colors. 

Kindle Touch ($79)

The Kindle is still cool, and is one of the best affordable tech gifts you can give someone who loves to read. Just ask the millions of users who have made this device popular over the years. If you are an avid reader, and want a device that is easy on the eyes and doesn’t come with all the unnecessary distractions that can take away from your reading time, the Kindle is still your best bet.

The entry-level Kindle now comes with some impressive upgrades, including a touchscreen display and an extended battery life. The kindle is also designed to read like a printed page, and is incredibly lightweight. 

Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad ($89)

The Logitech keyboard folio for iPad users is functional, yet fashionable, allowing iPad users to take advantage of a full keyboard to accomplish tasks like note taking quicker. This is one of many great tech Christmas gifts you can give an iPad user who takes their device to work or school.

Beats by Dre Earbuds ($99)

Beats by Dre is the most popular brand of headphones on the market now. The standard over-ear set and wireless options can be expensive, but luckily, Beats has developed a more economical version of earbuds in a variety of colors with many outstanding features and unparalleled sound quality.

 These headphones work particularly well with smartphones.

PlayStation TV and Apple TV ($99)

For the same price as Apple TV, Sony has gotten into the streaming video space by offering its new PlayStation TV.  PlayStation TV is essentially a watered down version of a PlayStation, and can do just about everything Apple TV can do, in terms of streaming video, but also offers the option to download a variety of compatible video games – both PS1 classics and new releases (Vita and PSP versions) to play from the device.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles or graphics you would expect from a new game console, and controllers are sold separately, but for the price, the PSTV has plenty of options for the casual gamer and film connoisseur.

The similar Apple TV device allows for streaming entertainment and AirPlay connection from other Apple devices.

FitBit Flex ($99)

The FitBit Flex is one of the most popular and most affordable fitness monitoring devices on the market. This FitBit syncs wirelessly to your smartphone, reporting on your daily activity and sleep patterns.

The FitBit is an excellent gift if you know someone who vows this is the year they will stick to their New Year’s fitness resolutions, and may provide the additional push they need. 

Amazon Prime Membership ($99)

Not sure of the right tech Christmas gifts to give? $99 may seem a little steep, but Amazon has provided enough benefits in its Prime service to make it worth it.

Prime has expanded, from its original purpose of providing shipping upgrades to frequent shoppers to include streaming videos and music, photo storage, free eBooks and more.

Happy Holidays, from ThrottleNet!

You definitely won’t disappoint the tech lover in your life by putting any of these top 10 tech gifts under $100 under the tree this year. What tech do you want this year? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Happy holidays, from ThrottleNet!