The importance of a managed network.
Find out why a managed network, a business process outsourcing solution, is essential for any business wanting the latest software solutions, network support, security enhancements and more. It’s ideal for meeting IT requirements without hiring a full time IT staff.

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A Managed Network is Important


In this week’s episode of 3Q’s you will discover the importance of having a managed network. A managed network is essentially a business process outsourcing solution that enables your business to run with the latest software solutions. Having managed networks means having ultimate network support, professional services, security enhancements, and much more. There is no need to hire a full-time IT staff when you can meet the IT requirements with a managed network.


Top 3 Benefits of a Managed Network


A managed network can be extremely beneficial to your company, and here’s why. With a managed network you will always be protected through network backups in case an incident occurs, your technology vendors will be taken care of, and you will have a Virtual Chief Information Center (vCIO) that will organize the details and strategies of your network.

Backup Management

Every day, ThrottleNet will manage your backups in precaution of any potential disasters. Every backup is noted into a ticket in our system, which you will receive and have full access to. The backups are checked to make sure they are viable and all your network information is secured. The preferred backup solution that we use at ThrottleNet is called “Datto”. When using this solution, we can go right in and do our test resourcing. Through Datto, we will perform disaster recovery testing, restore your server in minutes, and restore your files in seconds. Backup management is another layer of security that ThrottleNet offers to ensure your network is reliable.

  • ThrottleNet manages your backups daily in case of a disaster & then we note that every day in a ticket that customer will receive
  • ThrottleNet conducts daily checks to ensure they are completed and viable
  • ThrottleNet’s preferred backup solution is “Datto”, we can go right in and do test resource
  • -Disaster recovery testing
  • -Restore server in minutes
  • -Restore files in seconds

Vendor Management

Through vendor management, we take the burden off of our clients when dealing with technology vendors. There can be so many tedious tasks when it comes to managing vendors, and that will all be taken care of. ThrottleNet will handle all third party IT concerns your company may have that deals with anything from internet connections to provide a stress-free work environment through software systems. Here’s how our vendor management system works:

  1. We will get a letter of agency from our clients
  2. On our client’s letterhead, we will say we can work on their behalf
  3. Should any issue arise, we will be able to handle it

The responsibilities that come with vendor management can all be dealt with through our refined system. Tell us what your technology concerns are, and we will find the best possible solution. Giving ThrottleNet the task of vendor management will give your company more time to focus on what you want to deal with.

Virtual Chief Information Center (vCIO) -most important

A vCIO, or Virtual Chief Information Center, is what our Director of Managed Services, Todd Budde, says to be one of the most important benefits we offer. A vCIO works as a point of contact for your company to be your advocate for all things technology related. Meetings with your Virtual Chief Information Center will be held quarterly to review:

  • Network details
  • Strategies for the future
  • Technology budgets

Along with those three core review points, the vCIO will go over anything technologically related that you may have questions or concerns about. The vCIO is employed by us at ThrottleNet to help you organize, maintain, and monitor your network solutions.

What Does it Mean to Have a Managed Network?


Having a managed network means you are backed up by an entire team of IT professionals with the sole purpose of securing and managing your network. Our team will provide your company with refined ticketing and monitoring systems and successful solutions. A managed network for your company is an important factor in creating a smooth business operation and it should not have to break the bank. At ThrottleNet, we provide your company with a managed network that you can afford within your budget.

A managed network offers many features such as backup management, vendor management, and a Virtual Chief Information Center (vCIO) that provides your company with a business process outsourcing solution. Not only does a managed network provide those benefits, but it also provides:

  • Anti-virus, Malware, Spyware
  • Monitoring, maintenance, and management
  • Ongoing user training
  • Increased security
  • Unlimited support

Looking for current issues and how to prevent a potential issue, providing top-notch security, and support on the go are all vital parts of a managed network.

If you’d like more information on this solution on how it can benefit your organization, contact us today!


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