Learn the importance of IT security for protecting your business data against cyber threats. Todd Budde, Director of Managed Services at ThrottleNet, reveals how ransomware and malware can be stopped before they infiltrate networks and technology devices searching for ways to harm your business.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Montgomery and I’d like to welcome you to a new series that we here at ThrottleNet are introducing called 3Qs. The idea behind this series ultimately is to be able to ask 3 high-level questions to somebody with a technical background and get more information, detail, an insight specific to those questions, and how in an example today we can and are enhancing security across the networks we service now and those we will be taking on in the future. In today’s episode, I have with me Todd Budd3e, our director of managed services. So, the first question that most would ask is:

What is IT+Security?

Again, this is a core focus on what we as an organization are doing, and everyone defines this differently. How we define it is pretty straight forward: IT+Security is our solution that provides business owners and organizations with:
  • A fulltime IT department
  • Advanced network management services to keep your network running smoothly
  • Protection you from data loss, hacking, and ransomware.
  • This allows you to focus on what you do best, which is running your business.

IT+Security Enhancements

Now that we have established what IT+Security is, What are some of the enhancements that we have added or always had that we may not have messaged very well out to our viewers as to what we can and have been doing for them.

1. Better malware protection through the use of DNS

How does this solution work leveraging that to provide better security?
  • This solution is going to push all of your user’s DNS requests through a specific set of servers. These servers scan websites to make sure they are not infected with any type of malware or anything.

2. What does this address and what is this going to protect against?

  • In addition to having a firewall and antivirus, this is going to prevent you from getting any type of malware.
  • We now not only have the ability to address security-related issues and do group policies and otherwise at the domain level and pushing those down, but we can also do those on the outer edges of the wheel at the workstation level.
  • Correct, and we will continue to do both, but what this will really help if you have mobile users. Say they have laptops that they are taking out of the office and you want to push out a new policy. Now we can do this because they have our agent installed on their laptop, so we don’t have to wait until they check back into the office and get the new policy. We can push it out in 3-5 minutes.
What is a final or third enhancement or security option that we are now including as part of our services?

3. Better ransomware protection through isolation.

Ransomware being the keyword there, I think anytime anyone hears that term. We hear it quite a bit here at ThrottlNet, for better or for worse right? So how does it do that, how is it assisting with isolating ransomware incidents?
  • We have a tool that places a hidden file in your “my documents” folder, and that’s constantly scanned. If that scan notices a change that’s going to look similar to a ransomware outbreak it’s going to isolate that computer from the rest of your network, but still, allow ThrottleNet a way in to start cleaning up the issue.
The upside is this is happening automatically, and it’s not a matter of us getting an alert to then go in an isolate that pc its automatically isolating, and advising us via alert that there is a problem so that we can go in and remediate that issue or whatever it happens to be, or at least check is this truly a ransomware attack. If it’s not great, we can unlock it and let the user continue on.

What do these enhancements mean to you and your business?

Well, what it really means is that we can prevent users from going to infected websites, preventing you from malware attacks that are coming in just by going out and doing a regular run of the mill searches online. In addition, it can isolate workstations, but still provide us with a gateway into the workstation to resolve any issues we identify, hypothetically a ransomware attack occurs it impacts the hidden file that Todd has referenced, we now have the ability to go in and specifically resolve that issue while keeping that workstation isolated from the rest of the network. And then finally, we are able to establish policies specific to the end-user and their workstation without having to worry about whether or not they are connected to the network, which allows us to do things on the fly so to speak in a much more timely manner as the needs present itself. But the end game here is, this is going to provide you with a higher level of security and business continuity, because if your users and your network experience less downtime, of course, that is going to ensure that you have more uptime. More Uptime results in high levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Todd, I appreciate the time today. Thank you so much for coming in and giving us some information. I appreciate your time as well and I look forward to seeing you again on 3Qs. For more information about our IT+Security services, and how it can help your business, contact us today!

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