There’s no place like! For those don’t speak Geek, that’s just our way of saying, “There’s no place like home.” Over the past months, we’ve been settling quite nicely into our new office in Sunset Hills. We recently added a whallop of wow to our conference space by partnering with St. Louis Native, Chelsea-Ritter Soronen of Chalk Riot. Known for creating engaging wall murals, we asked the Chalk Riot artists to put their creativity to work, and they absolutely nailed it. Chalk Riot incorporating many hidden gems symbolic of St. Louis throughout the mural installation. How many can you spot? Hint: We’re shooting for some big goals this year! Chalk Riot creates pavement art and wall murals optimized for public engagement. The team is on a mission to share stories and artwork with the masses in their vibrant signature style. Principal artists are now based in Washington, DC and Austin, Texas with a wide network of partnering organizations and community groups. Founded in St. Louis, MO in 2013. Contact Chalk Riot:
Instagram/Twitter: @chalkriot
Tele: 314-971-8276 © There’s only one way to see this mural up-close along with many more fun features throughout our new office. Make an appointment today to check out our new digs and talk to a business IT expert about your network, data and cybersecurity concerns, and business tech support needs.

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