The company has been recognized by two major publications for its continued display of excellence in customer service and cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity and customer service are two things ThrottleNet prides itself on. The company now has some more hardware to back those claims up.

ThrottleNet is celebrating two distinctions after being recognized on not just one, but two lists of the best businesses in St. Louis by St. Louis Small Business Monthly: best in customer service and best in cybersecurity. 

This is the second year of the Best in Cybersecurity category and the second year in a row ThrottleNet has been named among the top cybersecurity firms in St. Louis. This recognition cements ThrottleNet’s reputation among the best cybersecurity companies in greater St. Louis as the company continues to help businesses maintain a high level of data privacy through its offering of top-line products and services for antivirus and malware protection.

ThrottleNet President George Rosenthal said, “Our staff not only helps clients improve their business operations, but we also save them money. This is why more and more companies are choosing to outsource all their cybersecurity and technology needs to ThrottleNet.”

The company also prides itself on its elevated approach to helping companies prevent cybersecurity disasters. In fact, because of ThrottleNet’s aggressive approach to cybersecurity, no ThrottleNet customer has ever had to pay a ransom to retrieve their data.

ThrottleNet’s Rosenthal went on to explain, “We create a customized best practices security program for each client so their entire network is highly protected. Overall, we saved our clients $2.6 million dollars in thwarting a variety of ransomware attacks in 2019.”

This is the seventh year ThrottleNet has made the Best in Customer Service list, which shows the company’s commitment to its customers and their unique needs. This comes after more than 158 Google reviews from satisfied ThrottleNet customers giving the company an average 4.9 out of 5-star rating on the platform.

Companies that make the Best in Customer Service list represent the best of the best in maintaining the highest quality products and service delivery. The winning businesses are chosen based on nominations and remarks from clients. 

ThrottleNet became an open-book management company in 2010, meaning that every member of the team shares in the firm’s monthly profits.

About ThrottleNet

ThrottleNet, Inc. didn’t become one of St. Louis’ top outsourced IT management and security solution providers overnight. The firm has more than two decades of doing things one way: The right way.

The depth of knowledge, resources, and experience at ThrottleNet ensures your outsourced IT management and security solution is efficient and able to detect threats, and then stop them. Plus, it’s all managed by IT gurus who could write books on ransomware, botnet, DDoS, and phishing. While we invested in the brains, we also put a lot into our core technology divisions to address the business needs for a managed network and managed cloud.


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