Breaking news: ThrottleNet’s been in the media again, this time for its groundbreaking “Win-Win” offer, providing the deal some much-deserved exposure.

In an article detailing how businesses can attract the eyes of customers, Inc. Magazine used ThrottleNet’s Win-Win promotion as “a great example” of a way businesses can reduce the risk for potential clients. The article goes on to point out ThrottleNet’s offer to renew contract agreements every month after the initial period is over, saying that this further reduces uncertainty for customers.

Inc says it best: “When you can clearly communicate how your offer eliminates risk, prospects will be far more likely to take you up on it.”

Read more on what businesses can do to turn heads in the Inc. Magazine article.

What Is the Win-Win Offer?

If you’re unsure whether our IT managed services will benefit your business, take up our Win-Win introductory offer, which guarantees 30 days of free service with no contracts or onboarding fees. We maximize security while minimizing cost. 

Businesses are also welcome to try our services with no financial loss in order to decide whether to use ThrottleNet’s services without making a firm commitment beforehand. After these 30 days are up, there are no long-term commitments, so you can cancel at any time or continue to benefit from our incredible managed services forever. The choice is yours. No pressure. 

Start with a FREE vulnerability audit to assess your IT needs, and we’ll do the rest. 

What Is ThrottleNet?

ThrottleNet is an all-inclusive managed IT services provider based in the St. Louis region with a talented tech team that provides ongoing IT support, maintenance, and network and data protection. Our goal is to take care of businesses’ systems so that they can focus on more important tasks.

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