In our next and final installment of our Cloud series, we wanted to introduce you the wonderful world of cloud servers. Providing you with a safe, reliable and secure alternative to purchasing your own hardware, a cloud server is highly cost effective and can greatly benefit your business.



As you know by now, placing information in the Cloud allows data to be accessible from anywhere at any time. The cloud server allows work-from-home employees or those in the field (out of the office) complete and easy access to your company’s server.  




A cloud server also ensures your data is safe at all times due to the fact that no fire, flood or weather event can touch it. By keeping a physical server onsite at your office, the engine that keeps your business up and running is at a constant risk.




Here are some additional key features to Cloud Servers: 


  • Highly redundant
  • No downtime
  • Stored in secure data centers (SAS 70 type 2)
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Backups with 7-day retention




If you would like more information regarding our cloud backup solution to ensure your business operations are always top-notch, contact a ThrottleNet representative today at 314.961.1027.