The Business Owner. As the backbone of most businesses, Information Technology is becoming a larger portion of a company’s budget each year. As a result, it require business owners to be more engaged in an aspect of their company they are not completely familiar with – how to effectively manage their I.T. infrastructure. In doing so, you are not able to focus on what made you successful to begin with.  In essence, time working on non-revenue generating activities is time and money wasted


Technology Frustrations. There is an additional frustration that comes with this when you choose an I.T. provider. Providers have purposely made the process confusing by creating unclear tiered service offerings. Therefore, you are never certain of what is covered and what is not covered until it is too late. This results in unexpected costs while you are under a contract. Often by the time you realize this, you have no choice but to stay with them or upgrade to their premium service offering.


A Better Way. ThrottleNet was once like this. We offered tiered support levels with titles such as Platinum, Ultimate, Gold and Silver. We had a dot matrix that vaguely outlined inclusions and exclusions. We made the mistake of confusing business owners and their counterparts, but we eventually realized there was a better way. This “better way” is known as Managed Network


Why ThrottleNet Is Different. Managed Network is an all-inclusive solution that provides people with support and line-of-business applications that are required to run a company. We do this for an easy-to-understand fixed cost that does not include contracts, set up costs or hidden fees.  Some wonder how we can do this. The answer is simple – we live and die by our service. The way we see it, our success is dependent upon your success. This simple, straightforward approach is why more companies choose to partner with ThrottleNet every day.