We wanted to take some time and introduce our customers and friends to the “ins” and “outs” of the cloud. We thought discussing the benefits of cloud backup (free to our Managed Network clients) would be a good place to begin!
Cloud backup is becoming a popular alternative to portable media, such as tape or paper files, due to its affordable bandwidth and capacity optimization. The cloud is also a popular choice with businesses because your data is secure no matter what happens to your equipment, office or personnel.
Should there be a fire or other damage, your files are safe offsite in the cloud where no flame or flood can touch them! Not only is backing up your information with the cloud a more green (saves paper), more economical (saves money in the long run), and a more secure (in the event of a disaster) solution; it is easy to implement with ThrottleNet’s Managed Network solution. We also have a professional document management solution to help you take paper files from the cabinets to the cloud through a simple, hassle-free process. 
So, if you have ever asked yourself if the cloud is worth looking into for backup, just ask yourself this: Would your business suffer downtime or loss of data today if something happened to your files or office?
If you would like more information regarding our cloud backup solution to ensure your business operations are always top-notch, contact a ThrottleNet representative today at 314.961.1027.