The cloud is all the rage these days. Many of us know that the cloud has something to do with technology, but what is it really? The easiest way to think of the cloud is to think of it as a utility like electricity. When you plug a lamp into wall outlet, the electricity powers the light bulb. You do not care where the electricity is coming from as long as it works because you are paying for it. The cloud works in the same way.

With ThrottleNet’s Managed Cloud, your business can access whatever data, files, applications or emails you have stored in the cloud from anywhere at anytime. Our 24×7 support available at a set monthly cost helps make the cloud easy-to-use, scalable and affordable to you. The cloud is a cost-effective way to add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software or training new personnel.
We will discuss the benefits and features of our cloud offerings in future blogs beginning next month. As our blogs often suggest, we believe in educating ourselves by staying on top of all current and upcoming technologies. By tuning in to our upcoming blogs and learning more about how the cloud can positively impact your business processes, you can do the same.
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