Many business owners do not have the knowledge or expertise to know if their IT person, staff or outsourced vendor is performing up to expectations, in line with their business goals.

Many executives assume their technology is working appropriately even though it may not be designed for peak performance, cost efficiency and future growth.

Mike Heil, Owner of ThrottleNet, appeared on TNtv to discuss how business owners can gain a better handle on their use of technology and hold their IT staff more accountable.

Heil said most business people have great knowledge about their own business practices but lack expertise about IT. He indicated these executives assume things are working well if their computers appear to be working normally and emails are being received and sent in the usual manner.

However, Heil said, it takes a skilled technology professional to look at all IT functions with the ability to quantify all operations and ensure all are performing at optimum levels.


Questions You Should Ask the IT Department

Heil said a business owner should be asking their IT department, staff person, or outsourced vendor three key questions about their computer network.

1. Is your network monitored properly? Heil indicated that someone should be watching the network and ensuring the proper software is installed and backups and workstations are running properly. This should all be documented in a report written not in technical terms but in language anyone can understand it.

2. Has the network been designed in a logical way? Rather than plugging in wires wherever they may fit Heil said a business should have a plan for their network. Everything should be setup in a logical consistent pattern including works stations, security, firewalls and servers. Documentation should be utilized to ensure this practice is taking place.

3. Should you be investing in your technology and are there are logical reasons to do so? Perhaps a business needs more bandwidth or faster Internet speed for expansion or for hiring additional staff. Investing in your network should be a logical decision based on detailed information in line with your business goals.

Detailed and documented reporting by a skilled IT professional adds accountability to your technology investment, ensures your network is performing in a profitable, efficient manner and enables you to sleep well knowing you are handling your technology, and essentially your business, in the best way possible.





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