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As a business owner in Kansas City, you need a great IT service provider to ensure your business runs smoothly 24/7. Outsourced IT management is a budget-friendly and simple solution that keeps your own staff focused on running the business instead of trying to handle tech issues as they crop up.

ThrottleNet has the IT services in Kansas City that you’ve
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Outsourced managed services with ThrottleNet lets you work with an IT company from your community. Partnering with local services means that technicians are available whenever you need them. ThrottleNet’s outsourced network management team regularly checks and tests your IT services to make sure they are working at peak performance.

Dependable business technology is something every place of business in Kansas City needs. With managed network services, you can pick and choose exactly what you want from your service provider.

Here are some popular IT services in Kansas City available from ThrottleNet:

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Does your company run on Apple? Most tech solutions come from providers with minimal knowledge of how Mac computers work, let alone their platform-specific software. At ThrottleNet we personally use both Mac and PC systems so we’re more than ready to handle anything.

In fact, we have Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) engineers and technicians on staff, so you won’t get any lectures from us about how you should switch to PC. You do what works best for you! At ThrottleNet we pride ourselves on providing great service to organizations of all industries in Kansas City, be they legal, educational, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, non-profit or otherwise.

Try out a managed IT services plan today, completely for free. There’s no charge for a 30-day trial, plus no contract or hidden fees when you start. Membership renews on a monthly basis, so there is no risk of getting stuck in a long-term contract or being unable to pause your account later on.

Contact ThrottleNet support to set up a free trial or troubleshoot any problems you’re currently experiencing with your network.

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