Do you constantly find yourself waiting for webpages to load, programs to open and your computer to boot up?  If so, there are easy ways to speed up your computer and help it run more smoothly. By simply analyzing the files and programs located on your computer, you can reduce the time waiting for items to load, the amount of energy your machine requires to run, and the cost of buying new hardware. Listed below are several actions you can take to improve your computer’s efficiency:

Remove unnecessary files. Scan through folders and delete any unnecessary pictures or documents that have been saved. Delete anything you no longer need because extra files will clutter your hard drive. A clean hard drive is the best way to keep the machine running smoothly and optimally.

Empty your recycle bin. After you delete a file, go to your computer’s trash or recycle bin to permanently delete the file.

Remove unnecessary programs. Many programs located on computers are often forgotten after a single use. Unfortunately, any unused applications take up space on your hard drive. Look through your programs and delete everything you no longer need.

Let your computer rest every night. Running a computer 24/7 could cause a hard drive to breakdown and the machine to stop working. Try to completely shut off your computer every day. While your computer is turned off, the parts inside have a chance to rest since they are no longer running. By shutting down on a daily basis, you'll prolong the life of your machine and use up less energy.

Perform a disk defragmentation. Disk Defragmenter is a tool that rearranges the data on your hard disk and reunites fragmented files, allowing your computer to run more efficiently. Disk cleanups will clean your hard drive by temporarily deleting Internet files and cookies.

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