Managed services outsourcing companies take on a lot of responsibility when serving small businesses. It’s no surprise given how important the role of a managed service provider (MSP) is in managing such vital parts of an organization that SMB owners are sometimes hesitant to begin a partnership with an MSP, for fear that they may be losing control of their business.

That’s far from the case.

The truth is, outsourcing certain services like IT can relieve the pressure off of SMBs. It makes sense that a dedicated provider would have the resources to aid businesses who otherwise are unable to recruit, train, pay, and monitor the work of their IT team to partner with an MSP.

Below are three big benefits of using a managed service provider every small business owner should consider when hiring or reconsidering their approach to IT:

MSPs Possess Broad Expertise

One of the biggest benefits of using a managed service provider for your SMB is that it gives businesses access to professionals who are well-versed in a wide variety of IT activities. An MSP is a network administrator, security consultant, and disaster recovery expert in one complete package. Most IT professionals today specialize in one area of the field, and may not be well-versed in all things IT. They may know how to run a network and answer basic help desk questions but if something goes wrong, well, good luck.  Outsourcing IT to an MSP ensures every problem can be addressed.

Among survey respondents, 56% of companies with 100 or more employees choose to go the managed services outsourcing route due to their efficiency and reliability, with 38% stating that security expertise was their top reason for partnering with an MSP. Cost-savings was a driving factor for 33% of business owners.

Managed Service Providers Can Help You Big Time in the Event of an Attack

One of the big benefits of outsourcing IT is that companies like ThrottleNet can help prevent cyber attacks from ever occurring. Disaster recovery planning is a very important aspect of IT. If you have dedicated experts managing IT, your business will be prepared, making recovery a much simpler, streamlined process.

An alarming 60% of small businesses go out of business in the months following a massive cyber-attack. Managed services for SMBs are a good insurance policy against that ever happening to your brand.

The knowledge an MSP has around industry-specific compliance standards and state and local legislation can also help businesses avoid hefty fines that may occur from being non-compliant.

Both Big and Small Companies Can Benefit from Managed Services

For large companies, an MSP is usually used to supplement an internal team so full-time employees can focus on longer-term company goals and drive future revenue. For large businesses, an MSP takes over many of the mundane tasks such as help desk management, cloud setup, and network security. A major benefit of managed IT services for small businesses centers around cost savings, and often an outsourced team suits SMBs better than managing a full internal team.

Move Your Small Business Forward with ThrottleNet

As a trusted managed services outsourcing company in St. Louis, we see the benefits of the managed service model as an opportunity to help new clients of all sizes streamline their processes, improve security measures, and save money on IT management. Our managed services for SMBs help businesses like yours grow and thrive with fewer IT costs and better IT management.

Contact ThrottleNet today to learn how we can develop a managed network plan built to suit the unique needs of your business – big or small.