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In any IT department, the help desk is critical to the success and profitability of your business. When technical issues beyond your control prevent an employee's ability to complete tasks, the business owner takes a hit. 

While the help desk is not the most glorious position in an IT department, it’s one of the most critical in ensuring the day-to-day success of business. The greatest NASCAR drivers in the world would be nothing without their pit crews.

While the help desk is handled internally by many organizations, an outsourced help desk solution can provide the same fast service and cost your organization a whole lot less. 

When outsourcing help desk support services, there are a few things a business owner needs to keep in mind to be certain they are receiving the most out of their services.

Below are 5 help desk essentials ThrottleNet provides clients to ensure their business is always running full-throttle.


The right outsourced help desk for your company is always there at a moment’s notice, day or night through multiple communication methods.
Some issues are best conveyed over the phone, while others can be handled with a simple email or worked out through live chat.
Not all businesses work the same hours, and some employees work after business hours. Companies need an outsourced help desk solution that addresses these needs.


The help desk is the salt mines of the IT world. It’s where a lot of future CIOs start proving themselves. While there’s nothing wrong with allocating mundane IT tasks such as resetting routers, terminating users from the system and fixing the printer to industry rookies, sometimes it’s best to have someone who has been around the block working on your case.
A certified network engineer or technician can handle both common and complex help desk issues with ease, allowing end users to get back on their feet quickly.

Service Guarantees

An outsourced help desk has one job – to quickly and efficiently handle any issue that impacts your business. A quality outsourced help desk backs up their service, and ensures your satisfaction.


Some requests are more important than others. While some help desk tickets require immediate attention, others are for longer-term solutions. Help desk support services work better when they are streamlined for efficiency, issuing tickets to the most qualified technician to complete a given task.


One of the most overlooked outsourced help desk essentials is its location. While it may be cheaper to outsource IT functions to India, we can safely say it would be very rare, if not unheard of for a representative from that company to address a pressing issue in person. A quality help desk support services company will fix any issues that cannot be resolved remotely in person by dispatching its next available field technician to your office. This allows your business to get to know it’s outsourced help desk employees as people – and not some mythical magic worker they may or may not hear from each day.

Partner with ThrottleNet for Outsourced Help Desk Support

What do these five help desk essentials have in common? They are all offered by ThrottleNet. We provide businesses with 24/7 outsourced help desk solutions right here in St. Louis, and are available to resolve issues via phone, remote chat and email. We understand that even the smallest IT issues can impact your bottom line, and employ experts in the IT field to handle requests as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to take your help desk support services to the next level with ThrottleNet.