Every company wants to get a grip on their technology, but is your infrastructure on the same page as you are?

Technology and threats designed to compromise it are both rapidly evolving, and your team needs to ensure that its infrastructure keeps pace.

Too often, companies get complacent with the status-quo, failing to update and patch software, integrate new cloud technologies or ignoring end-user issues that have become commonplace over time.

When your technology falls too far behind, it’s important to properly detect the warning signs that may arise and develop a plan to correct your deficiencies.

IS your IT in need of a refresh? If any of these five signs are consistently popping up, it may be.

A Sharp Increase in Help Desk Calls

Are your end users becoming needier with each passing day? It may seem that way, but their unified voice could be indication of a larger issue.

Of course, help desk calls will typically see a spike if your company rolls out a new tool that not everyone is familiar with, but if no new changes have been made and users are routinely having issues with existing hardware or software, that’s a telltale sign that something is wrong.

Failures & Outages are Becoming More Common

Your hardware and software should always be on, unless a crippling event occurs – in which case, a plan should be in place to quickly restore operations to normal. Eventually, even trusted infrastructure can start to fail if not properly cared for. You can’t set it and forget it. Failing infrastructure can cripple productivity and profitability.
Your Employees Are Going Behind Your Back

If your company is unwilling or hasn’t had the time to adapt new software technology, your employees may resort to shadow IT and download tools they need to be more productive without permission. Shadow IT is an issue because it can open up security loopholes, but a rise in shadow IT can be a reflection of your poor willingness to adapt.

Your Department Isn’t Appealing to Job Applicants

You’re looking to grow your IT department and the perfect candidate won’t bite because they are experienced with much more sophisticated systems. To them, your IT department seems either: boring, below them or like a complete cluster they’re unwilling to work on. If you have trouble filling roles and are offering a competitive package ask yourself – why?

New Initiatives are Scrapped Due to Your Infrastructure

You want to adapt new technology such as IoT or machine learning, but your existing infrastructure can’t handle it. You spend the time researching and attempting to implement new technologies but at the end of the day the project gets scrapped.

Turn to An Expert to Assess Your Technology

Is your network not doing enough to keep up with the day-to-day demands of business? Is it preventing you from taking a giant leap forward? Let ThrottleNet help develop a customized solution for your business. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation network assessment.