ST. LOUIS, MO – August 24, 2015 – ThrottleNet, a technology firm specializing in Managed Network Services (MNS), announces it has partnered with Medical Weight Loss Center in St. Louis to design wellness and weight loss programs for ThrottleNet team members.

Seven members of the ThrottleNet team will be participating in the first round. The goal is to lose a combined 180 pounds in less than 45 days.

The team is expected to lose 1 to 2 pounds per day, per person. This will be accomplished by a combination of HGC, fat burning injections and diet.

“The day-to-day challenges of the IT industry can be extremely stressful and we wanted to offer our team a better, healthier alternative to deal with their daily lives,” said George Rosenthal, ThrottleNet’s President. “Medical Weight Loss has an excellent track record of helping their clients lose weight, regain energy, and eliminate chronic pain. Staff members are already beginning to see and feel the difference of a more balanced and healthier life style.”

In order to help the ThrottleNet team members, Medical Weight Loss Centers put together very affordable weight loss plans. Through true dedication, ThrottleNet has offered to pay half of all participants cost in their chosen programs. If they attain the weight loss goal in the allotted time, ThrottleNet will pay for the remaining half of the program.

Medical Weight Loss Center helps patients get healthy and stay healthy for life. It takes the mystery out of weight loss with a program based on Dr. Simeon’s protocol “Pounds & Inches”. The program helps individuals lose a pound per day for up to 45 days and, most importantly, helps keep it off.

Rosenthal said the team is most excited about the program and is optimistic participants will not only meet but exceed their goals.


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