Windows 10 is coming and Windows 10 Mobile is not far behind.

As users transition to Microsoft’s new Operating System for their PC will they adopt the Windows 10 mobile version as well? 

The much anticipated Windows 10 is due to be shipped for PC use in mid-July. The mobile version will probably launch in the fall. Microsoft is investing heavily in both formats hoping consumers will finally make the Windows Phone a real challenger to Android and iOS competitors.

To date, Windows Phone devices have had a slow pick-up in the U.S. but have done a little better oversees.

According to a report in Customs Today,, the phone has some 10.1 per cent share of mobile phone markets in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. It owns just a 4.8% share in the U.S. Microsoft is hoping Windows 10 Mobile will change all that.

To that end it has launched “Build 10051” to enhance its mobile OS.  This features “Project Spartan” and a number of refreshed applications including mail, calendar, phone and messaging.

Project Spartan is the company’s plan to reengineer the default Windows browser and position it as a replacement for Internet Explorer. It will feature a more modernized framework, a paired down reading mode interface and Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana.

The goal for Microsoft is to create a new cross platform operating system with a natural experience no matter which platform you are using.

Microsoft is creating a new app store through its Universal Windows Code, If you are running a trial version of Windows 10 on your PC you will notice the similarities of the store. 

The beta store will enable you to browse or buy apps and software with credit, gift cards and pay pal.

Movies and TV shows can also be purchased. Music is currently unavailable but the current music app gives you access to the music you have on your phone. Songs stored on OneDrive are also available.

A new video previewing app has been streamlined and lets you see all your movies and programs.

The camera app, Xbox app, and universal Office app will be part of this new build. Candy Crush Saga will not be left out as it is a part of all Windows Phones.

Some of the universal apps work on both the Windows 10 phone and PC. These include Office, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Office for touch devices will also work the same. The beta app store has these for download.

Experts say Microsoft is working on a new version of Outlook Mail and the Outlook Calendar for Windows 10 touch. You can get a full Word engine and all the same functions and formatting tools as the word processor.

“People, Phone and Maps” have also been retooled. You can make a quick switch to a phone conversation with your texting partner. Maps has been upgraded to what you would find on your PC.

All the innovations and upgrades appear be a strong step forward for the tech giant. Placing a large bet on the acceptance of Windows 10 for PC and Windows Phone, Microsoft may finally be spending the time and resources necessary to elevate its status in the mobile marketplace.