Offering apps that Work Offline Provide Users Convenience & Flexibility

Offline support for your mobile app is one of the most valuable features you can employ during the development process especially if your target audience is on-the-go.

In a mobile-first world that is constantly connected, one of the most crucial elements that can be missed during the development process is the understanding that mobile apps need to work offline too to be successful.

Below are 5 reasons why apps that work offline can be more successful than apps that hinge on an internet connection to work:

You Can’t Control a User’s Connection

You can’t rely on or improve your user’s internet connection but they may rely on your app. Always assume your users are offline. An app developer cannot assume that someone will always have a working connection, so it is important to have features in place to make the app work even when it’s not actively collecting and sending data.


For simple business apps that serve as a repository of information, having that information downloaded and readily available will make it easier and faster for users to access without a connection. Top offline apps rely on a sync method that is either state or command-based.

They Give Users the Ability to Be Entertained & Find Their Way

Google maps allows users to download maps in advance, giving users the capability to search for nearby attractions and still receive turn-by-turn directions in areas with spotty internet connections. This feature is extremely useful, and has virtually killed the need for any standalone GPS solution. It also allows users to keep their data on long road trips. Pandora offers predictive offline listening with its Plus plan, allowing users to download three of their most popular stations in their entirety. In November, Netflix added an offline mode giving users the option to download specific titles to watch on their device later.

Users are Always On-the-Go

There are times and places when and where users are unable to access data. Frequent fliers may not to spring for the cost of Wi-Fi. Phones don’t work in crowded or remote places. Some users can’t afford a robust enough data plan. As a developer, you still want to serve this audience no matter the circumstances.

Other Features to Improve Offline Performance

Give the ability of your app to remember things accomplished offline when completing tasks that must be finished online so when a connection comes back into play your users can complete their behavior. cache a little bit of everything instead of all some features and none of others and ensure your app remembers what your users were doing last time they were online so they’re not met with error screens when they login offline.

Work with a Developer that Understands Offline Mobile App Development

Mobile first doesn’t have to mean online first. ThrottleNet’s expert team of cross-platform business app developers can make apps that work offline and off, providing your users with a seamless experience no matter where they are. Learn more about our app development capabilities & contact us today to get started.